LekaFest 2019


Saturday 17.08.2019
At: 09.00-02.00
Hankasuontie 11A, 00390 Helsinki
The event is free of charge!
Facebook event - mark your calendars!

Last summer we had a blast with our Mega Grand Opening party and wanted to do something similar again. LekaFest is just that but with more music, action and madness!

What is Lekafest

Lekafest is like our Mega Grand Opening last year, but with more music, more cool shit and more of everything! Let's get this party going!


Our store will be open 09-22 and Cafe Bar Sotima will serve you until 2 am. Last call is at 1:30 am and at 2 am the gates will close.

+ Schedule
09:00Gates openLekafest
10:00Sotima's terrace opensSotima
10:00Nylands KarolinerYard
11:15Särmä TST show&tellStore
12:00Beer garden opensYard
12:15Särmä Show&TellStore
12:30Rudy Reyes & InRange TV Meet&GreetSotima
13:15Terävä Show&TellStore
13:301st patch giveawayStore
14:15Jämä Show&TellStore
15:00Nylands KarolinerYard
16:00Varusteleka's fashion showStage
17:00Own production Meet&GreetStore
18:30Gommi & PommiStage
21:00Pub quizSotima
23:302nd patch giveawayTanks
00:00Beer garden closesYard
00:00Leka's Hobo BandSotima
02:00Gates closeLekafest


During Lekafest, there will be all sorts of cool stuff revolving around our house brands Särmä, Särmä TST, Terävä and Jämä. Sukkamestarit and Salomon will also be present.

+ Särmä

Särmä is our own brand of general clothing and gear designed for a multitude of uses, from everyday wear and carry to camping, hiking and more. When you're buying Särmä you're getting purpose built stuff at a decent price, something that will fill it's intended role well and not cost you an arm and a leg!
See all Särmä products here!

+ Särmä TST

Särmä TST was created for the simple purpose of providing Finnish soldiers with proper quality commercial alternatives for the mass issue gear and clothing. Since our humble beginning in 2013 we have expanded from simple subdued rank patches to a full range of combat gear and clothing, with new designs constantly under development.
See all our Särmä TST products here!

+ Terävä

Terävä knives are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland, by our partners at Laurin Metalli, Finlands leading knife blade manufacturer with roots going back to 1918. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftsmanship, pure and simple! And "Terävä", that's just Finnish for "sharp".

+ Jämä

Jämä is a Finnish word meaning scraps or leftovers. It’s also one of our house brands for equipment made from recycled or surplus materials. From time to time we accumulate stuff that doesn't sell well but is made out of outstanding materials. We've also got several capable seamstresses here, and the equation is pretty clear: cut that useless stuff apart and sew it back together to create something useful. See our Jämä products here

+ Sukkamestarit

During the event you can find Sukkamestarit on their own stand in our store!

+ Salomon

Come test out Salomon's shoes and ask tricky questions from our experts!


There are competitions both before Lekafest, and during it, where you can win... let's say interesting prizes.

+ Picture competition: Win the hot tub for your use for the duration of Lekafest!

There is a picture competition in Instagram, where you can win the right to use your own private hot tub for you and 5 of your friends for the entirety of Lekafest! Submit your pictures before 1.8. More information below:

You can also admire Mil-Safari's gear and look at all sorts of old military stuff...

How to get there

Click here for Google Maps. Do note that Hankasuontie is a dead end and we're expecting a crowd, so avoid using your own car.

+ Free rides from Helsinki City Centre with Onnibus

On this special day Onnibus offers free rides between Kiasma and Varusteleka twice per hour all day long. Timetable below:

From KiasmaFrom Varusteleka
9:30 10:15
10:00 10:45
10:30 11:15
11:00 11:45
11:30 12:15
12:00 12:45
12:30 13:15
13:00 13:45
13:30 14:15
break break
14:30 15:15
15:00 15:45
15:30 16:15
16:00 16:45
16:30 17:15
17:00 17:45
17:30 18:15
18:00 18:45
18:30 19:15
break break
19:30 20:15
20:00 20:45
20:30 21:15
21:00 21:45
21:30 22:15

+ Public transportation

As usual, the 300-series buses (except for 360) drive along Vihdintie. You step out on Vanha Hämeenkyläntie (Gamla Tavastbyvägen) and it takes about three minutes to walk to our shop.

The Malminkartano (Malmgård) train station is also fairly close.


The star of the festival will be Mokoma, performing during the evening. Before that, there will be Gommi & Pommi and Barbe-Q-Barbies entertaining our guests.

+ Gommi & Pommi

M.A.Numminen and Pedro Hietanen have performed for Finns for over 40 years now. Rabbit Gommi (M.A.) and Cat Pommi (Pedro) were born in 1988 on Finnish TV. This animalistic duo will start the musical spectacle of Lekafest!

+ Barbe-Q-Barbies

Barbe-Q-Barbies are a band of five Finnish women who play energetic rock. Their no-nonsense attitude reeks of gasoline and femme fatale. The Barbies are known for their lively shows, and they have been performing since 2002, warming up for legendary bands such as W.A.S.P., Skid Row, Hardcore Superstars and New York Dolls. This group will not leave you cold!

+ Mokoma

Mokoma is a legend of Finnish metal music, hailing from the beautiful Karelia in Eastern Finland. The band has been together for over twenty years now, and they are definitely one of the tightest live bands in Finland! Mokoma will perform as the main artist of the day, and pull people in from across the oceans.


Lekafest is worth it just for the food and drinks. Nourishing our guests will be: .

+ Soup Cannon Dude

Free traditional Finnish pea soup! This group has served soup at our events for several years now, and Lekafest will be no exception! The first 1000 people will receive free pea soup! The soup will be made by Weckman Komppania.

+ Sandwich Club

Sandwich Club is a small food truck and catering company from Helsinki. Their truck will be parked on our yard to serve delicious and nutritious sandwiches to all hungry party people. There will be sandwiches with, for example, USA-style smoked beef or self-made seitan. Yum! Sandwichclub.fi

+ JJ’s BBQ

Proper good BBQ food straight from JJ's smoker! Delicious! JJsbbq.fi

+ Kuivalihakundi

Delicious jerky made in Finland out of beef, pork and chicken! You can taste Kuivalihakundi's jerky at the event, and also buy some to bring home - or more likely, eat it right away.

+ Warrior Coffee

So delicious, roasted in Finland and ground with their own little hands! Taste it and enjoy! Warriorcoffee.com

+ Honkajoen Panimo

Honkajoen Panimo will provide Lekafest with delicious soft drinks at the food court!

Beer and sauna!

Sotima's terrace will be extended to form a bigger beer garden with stands from various Finnish microbreweries and also Savotta's sauan tent - because what would a Finnish event be without a sauna?

+ Level Eleven Brewing
+ 8-Bit Brewing
+ Savotta

Savotta will bring their sauna tent to the bar area!


Media representatives are also welcome to Lekafest! Please contact us at [email protected] beforehand for practical arrangements.

Photos from Mega Grand Opening 2018

Mega Grand Opening 2018 Mega Grand Opening 2018 Mega Grand Opening 2018 Mega Grand Opening 2018