Epic Market Saturday X

Varusteleka's amazing super event is here again, and this time we are celebrating the big 1-0! We'll have some great sales, so this is something you definitely won't want to miss! Or shop is going to be open as usual, 10.00 – 18.00, and our bar will stay open until 22. During the day we will have a load of interesting stuff: a tank, some contests, a band, great food, airsoft shooting range, and some other stuff, too. Come for the sales, stay for the show!

Special Offers

You like good deals? We love good deals. And now, special price for you my friend! Our selection of deals are something to behold - come early! These offers are valid only in our shop 2.9.2017, 10-18.

BW mountain troops rucksack, just 19.99€

BW field shirt in flecktarn. One of our most popular items, at a steal for 0.99€!

.50 cal US ammo box, just 14.99€. Great for holding anything that fits really. Including ammo!

100 Särmä ladies common jeans, blue, just 29,99€!

Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool, -15% (norm. 64,99€)

All Blå Band meals -20%

Tru-Spec 24/7 trousers, -15% (norm. 59,99€)

Särmä Coolmax T-shirts, black or green, -15% (norm. 19,99€)

Buy a pair of Jalas Fantom Drylocks and get a pair of FX2 insoles.

Särmä Adventure socks, two pair for 10€

Free bus connection

We cracked a deal with Onnibus in order to provide a quick and easy way to get from point A (Kiasma) to point Varusteleka. Surely a service like this will cost you? Nope, we're offering it for free. Because we're the good guys. The bus leaves from Kiasma in Helsinki city centre and runs from 9:30 - 17:30 to Varusteleka, and the last bus back is at 18:00. The buses run every 30 minutes.

Pictures from previous Epic Market Saturdays


A tank!

We're Varusteleka, and because of this we got a tank. Just for this occasion. A T-55 to be exact. Courtesy of Mil-Safarit!

Chainsaw juggler!

Janne Mustonen, a magician and fire breather, among other things, will come to show off his skills at handling, nay, juggling, real chainsaws. Crazy? Maybe. Quite the show? You betcha!

Sotima Bar and Stadin Panimo

Our bar, Sotima, will serve cold handcrafted beers through out the day. M-m-mmm! Also, Stadin Panimo will be there as our special guest brewery providing some great brews. Note! Our bar capacity is 70 people!

Free pea soup

This has become a sort of tradition for us. So once again we have free pea soup available for as long as it lasts. Also, coffee and munkis. Get!

Airsoft Shooting Range

Our friends at ProAirsoft are back with some airsoft guns for you to try at their shooting range. Try your best to hit the target, or just come for the pew-pew-pew! They'll also have some guns with them, so come check out what kind of deals they have.

Savotta Sauna

Savotta's sauna tent was so well-received during our last event that we thought "why not?" and invited them back, provided that they are well behaved. How often do you get to shop and go to the sauna, all in the same area? You should probably bring your own towel. This is a family event, after all.

Product suppliers on the spot

Some of our product suppliers are real close, so close in fact that we invited them to our shop. They'll be here offering some great deals, telling a little about their products, and just helping to make your day at Varusteleka that much more enjoyable.

Varusteleka Road Show container shop

Our container shop's first Road Show is over, and it's time to take a little rest, but not before opening it up and filling it with tons of great deals. Come see what you may have missed at other events and find a few good bargains while you're at it!

Stand up comic Harri Soinila

Harri Soinila will come give one of his best okay performances right after the shop closes. Luckily the bar will stay open, so you don't have to worry about being too sober for this!

Sword swallower Lucky Hell

Sword swalloer Lucky Hell will start her show at 19. What can you expect? Well for one she will show you where you aren't supposed to put sharp things!

"Varusteleka" band, Les Depressants

We like to do as much as possible in-house, so why not get a band, too? One of our lads has a band, and they've proven quite popular in the past with acoustic gigs, so this time we're giving them a little electricity and, well, let's see what they can do! Show starts at 21, so hang around for a few drinks and some great music.