Epic Crap Bazaar and Crazy Mikko's Mega Bargains

Crazy Mikko's Bargain Corner

Oh boy what a day!

Crazy Mikko went a bit crazy with all of the extra stuff we have laying around, so he went and organized a huge Bargain Corner, right in the middle of our walk-in shop. Our usual little bargain corner is spreading out and taking over, and we're filling it with everything we can find, even from the dark and dusty corners of the warehouse. There will be some real treasures up for grabs, as well as product samples from our own product lines, and some leftovers from our costume department. Some of this stuff is going for suuuuper cheap. Almost free.


Could things get any better? Of course! Our bar & cafe Sotima is also spreading out, and the capacity is doubling to about 50 seats in order to accommodate all of you thirsty shoppers! And what else may be found in Sotima? Dried Buddy, aka Kuivalihakundi will be in Sotima dishing out some samples of his delicious jerky.

Crap Bazaar

Our good ol' Crap Bazaar is making a little comeback as well. Varusteleka employees' very own flea market will have all sorts of militaria and other rarities that they have managed to gather through the years, so you should definitely head this direction to see just what you can find!

"Come try it on!"

Photos from previous Crap Bazaars available on Facebook: