Rain jackets

Rain jackets or raincoats are an easy approach. You don it like any jacket, but it's waterproof. Simple! You can do anything wearing a raincoat that you normally could, but physical activities, of course, increase sweating. Compared to an umbrella a jacket is far better because it leaves your hands free and doesn't catch wind - rather it protects you from chilling gusts.

Waterproof and so-called breathable membrane jackets do indeed breathe better than rubber or vinyl, but you'll sweat in them anyways. Zippers in the armpits make wonders, other common vent spots are the upper back and front area. Non-breathable materials have superior waterproofing even under pressure (from shoulder straps) and they are more resilient to wear without requiring maintenance.

In its smallest forms rain jackets are very packable, so your ability to meet various conditions will be good with a jacket. The downside is a poor protection for the legs. Raincoats are considered a regular piece anyone should own, but quite often a waxed poly-cotton jacket or water-resistant softshell jacket would do just fine.

Rain jackets