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Austrian field jacket w. membrane, ECWCS model, surplus

Austrian field jacket w. membrane, ECWCS model, surplus

Price 48.99 USD excluding VAT

Austrian Bundesheer Gore-Tex jacket. Cut very much like the US ECWCS jacket (that's why the name), and likewise is waterproof. Used military surplus of the finest kind!

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Austrian Bundesheer Gore-Tex jacket. Cut very much like the US ECWCS jacket (that's why the name), and likewise is waterproof. Used military surplus of the finest kind!

  • Unlined, waterproof shell jacket
  • Strong, heavy duty materials
  • Modern army surplus
  • Generous cut - if you're not going to wear another jacket under this, one size smaller than recommended might work too.

For those not keen on camouflage, the Austrian Bundesheer surplus should fit the bill. Overall very functional, calm and collected, it will perform its job and nothing more, nothing less.

This is just an unlined waterproof shell jacket and meant to be worn over everything else. This is certainly a good thing; it's left up to the user to layer the clothing worn underneath, so this jacket is something you want to keep in the pack summer or winter.

Zipper & hook-n-loop closure on the front, two front pockets, two hidden breast pockets and a good hood. The Gore-Tex membrane is squeezed between two outer layers.

These usually have a velcro name tag base on the chest and Bundesheer logo on the arm, or traces of one.


The composition of the outer fabric varies, it can be either 50/50% polycotton, 65/35% polycotton or 100% polyester. The membrane is either Gore-Tex or Sympatex, these are essentially the same. 100% polyester lining.

Size info

First the easy size, then the user's recommended height and chest circumference in centimetres. These are a tad oversized to accommodate stuff underneath.

The Austrian size system is explained in detail on our Austrian jacket size chart page. If you are already familiar with Austrian sizing and want to know how we came up with the easy sizes, below is our logic as a chart. All possible sizes in the chart are not manufactured of course.

Width / HeightShortRegularLongX-Long
X-Small80-84 I-II80-84 III-IV80-84 V-VI80-84 VII-VIII
Small88-92 I-II88-92 III-IV88-92 V-VI88-92 VII-VIII
Medium96-100 I-II96-100 III-IV96-100 V-VI96-100 VII-VIII
Large104-108 I-II104-108 III-IV104-108 V-VI104-108 VII-VIII
X-Large112-116 I-II112-116 III-IV112-116 V-VI112-116 VII-VIII
2X-Large120-124 I-II120-124 III-IV120-124 V-VI120-124 VII-VIII
3X-Large128-132 I-II128-132 III-IV128-132 V-VI128-132 VII-VIII

Austrian army surplus

In used but serviceable condition and repaired when necessary. Although we can't give any 105 % waterproofness guarantees in diving conditions for used membrane rainwear, these should do just fine.


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I would recommend for a friend

14.06.2018 (Edited 15.06.2018)
Erittäin laadukkaan oloinen takki, tuotekuvauksesta poiketen rintataskut EIVÄT ole vetoketjun tarranauhan alla vaan molemmin puolin tarranauhaa ja vetoketjusululla, siten erittäin helposti saavutettavissa toisin kuin Ranskalaisessa gore-tex takissa. Itselläni on rinnanympärys noin 110-115cm ja pituutta 174cm. Valitsin kooksi small longin jossa jää ihan kivasti tilaa kerroksille alle, eli koot ovat leveyssuunnassa reiluja ja hihapituuksissa lyhyehköjä. Koko voisi olla medium, mutta small menee ihan ok päälle.
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I would recommend for a friend

hyvä, siisti ja suht uusi takki, valmistusvuosi 2012. Täysin polyesteriä, oikein hyvä metsässä seikkailuun, ei hypi värit silmille. Huppu on hyvä, mukavalla pikku lipalla.
Omat mitat 178/82: rinnanympärys 104cm. Medium long juurikin sopiva, jää alle tilaa fleecelle tms. Itävaltalaiset kamppeet kannattaa ottaa long-koossa jos on pitkäraajainen, regularissa on liian lyhyet hihat/lahkeet.
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I would recommend for a friend

Like new, i liked that jacket so much i bought a second one. great cut, great features, made of goretex and cheap. Hard to find a goretex hardshell of this quality under 300€.
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I would not recommend to a friend

The jacket was very worn and didn't reflect the model on the picture at all.
The sleeve cuff was also torn off from one of the arms.

Would definitely recommend to get the Austrian field jacket w. membrane instead.
A lot better jacket for the same money.
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I would recommend for a friend

21.01.2019 (Edited 21.01.2019)
Color was abit faded on my jacket other then that everything workes and no repairs!

The only issue (not really an issue just irritating) person who sewed the name tag velcro on it must have been really fisheyed or drunk... probably both... It starts straight then takes of like a rocket almost pointing to my shoulder and i can´t do anything about it without having to repair and re-do all the seam sealing for awsome waterproofness aka im just lazy.
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I would recommend for a friend

Really good quality. Jacket is from 2002. Looks and feels almost new. Still have to make a rain test but I'm confident that it's going to be waterproof.
The Austrian Army is mustering out its olive uniforms. Hopefully you'll get more of these, as well as the Gore Tex Pants in the near future!
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