Särmä TST L6 Hardshell jacket

226.99 USD 295.99 USD
Särmä TST L6 Hardshell jacket
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Woly Protector 3 x 3 impregnation spray, 300 ml

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Särmä TST Finnish M05 rank insignia
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Särmä TST Finnish M05 rank insignia

0.99 - 3.99 USD 3.99 USD

Proper embroidered Finnish M05 rank insignia, made by us to fill a gap in the FDF kit issue. These are far more practical than the standard issue metal ones of WW2 vintage! Available in three colour variants: full colour, subdued and snow.

Särmä TST M05 Finnish flag patch
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Särmä TST M05 Finnish flag patch

0.99 - 2.99 USD 1.99 - 2.99 USD

Embroidered Finnish national insignia, full colour and subdued. Sized to fit the Finnish army M05 and M91 jackets sleeve velcro. Available as a simple sew-on patch or with velcro.

British MVP rain jacket, DPM, surplus

British MVP rain jacket, DPM, surplus

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A high quality surplus rain jacket with the British DPM camo pattern. Waterproof and breathable, as they say, at least better than old rubber "crisp packet" suits.

British MVP rain jacket, MTP, surplus

British MVP rain jacket, MTP, surplus

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A lightweight waterproof and breathable British army issue rain jacket. Super simple, minimal design and small pack volume.

Sioen Tacticum Plate Carrier

Sioen Tacticum Plate Carrier

393.99 USD

The Tacticum Plate Carrier is a very modular and quickly configureable plate carrier design based on the Finnish military issue M13 model.

Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Military Helmet

374.99 USD

The non-ballistic version of Ops-Core´s FAST helmet. This lightweight military helmet is impact proof, yet extremely comfortable even when weighed down fitted with comms gear, NVGs, ear defenders etc. The perfect lightweight platform for all the fancy trinkets the modern day operator needs.

Särmä TST L1 Merino wool beanie

Särmä TST L1 Merino wool beanie

14.99 USD

Sometimes it´s the little things that make all the difference, this thin, lightweight merino cap is a fantastic piece of merino woolly coziness in a very handy little package. Fits right in your pocket and is lightweight enough for high activity wear. Fits perfectly under helmets and other head wear too!

Särmä TST M05 RES camo trousers

Särmä TST M05 RES camo trousers

78.99 USD

Our improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 summer woodland trousers. Looks just like the official issue stuff, but performs a little bit better! Officially M05 RES approved!

Särmä TST M05 RES camo jacket

Särmä TST M05 RES camo jacket

98.99 USD

Our improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 summer woodland jacket. Our enhanced version features two zippered sleeve pockets and better adjustable cuffs. Looks just like the issue jacket at first glance, but functions a little bit better. Officially M05 RES approved!

Särmä TST M05 boonie

Särmä TST M05 boonie

29.99 USD

Our own, improved version of the Finnish military issue M05 summer woodland boonie hat. Our enhanced version features a foliage band (yes, the Finnish army really did not include that on the issue piece...). Just like MILSPEC, just a bit better!

Särmä TST Combat pack

Särmä TST Combat pack

147.99 USD

A straightforward, small-medium sized pack designed for quick access and carry of the most essential fighting gear. Not too many fancy little details and trinkets, just the things most people really need.

Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool

Särmä TST L2 turtleneck shirt, merino wool

59.99 USD

A functional midweight turtleneck shirt for demanding active wear. Made from a polyamide reinforced merino wool blend. Functions both as a heavier base layer or a mid layer, great for both the cold seasons and cool summer nights.

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 woodland camo

Särmä TST Backpack cover, M05 woodland camo

59.99 - 78.99 USD 19.99 - 78.99 USD

A waterproof camouflage cover for backpacks, available in three sizes to fit anything from small combat packs to huge overpacked recon packs. Shields your pack from both rain and surveillance, including the NIR spectrum.

Our hardshell jacket follows the universal standard design for light tactical hardshells. Basic pocket layout, integrated hood and ventilation zippers, it´s all that you need in a hardshell. Our starting point for the design was the Finnish army issue hardshell jacket, but in the end only a few tiny details of the original survived.

Next restock coming in Q2 2018!

Current stock will be sold off at a discounted price, the next restock will feature an updated design!

  • Generous cut, large enough around the chest and waist to fit over thermal clothing or a plate carrier.
  • Full length front zipper, covered by a two layer velcro and press-stud flap.
  • High and rigid collar part with fixed hood. The hood is large enough to be pulled up over a helmet.
  • Two large chest pockets with zippers. Zippers placed on the sides so that ballistic plates won´t cause nasty pressure points.
  • Sleeve pocket on the left sleeve.
  • Breast pocket on the left side.
  • Two-way armpit zippers.
  • Velcro cuffs.
  • Elastic drawcord in the hem.
  • Elastic hanging loop in the neck.
  • Velcro for Finnish M05 rank and sleeve patches.
  • Taped seams all around, all pocket and armpit zippers are splash proof.
  • Fabric: Concordia Iceberg, three layer laminate with PTFE membrane.
    • Waterproof: 10 000 mm
    • RET value: <10

A few thoughts on ventilation: Anybody who has worn a hardshell knows that no matter what retailers say it is never as breathable as "normal" clothing, that is the truth. But, the important thing is ventilation! Do it and do it right for maximum comfort.

Start off by opening the armpit zips, these will really help cool you down a bit. If that is not enough loosen the waist drawcord and sleeve cuffs to let air run through the jacket. Need more ventilation? Well just open up the front zipper from the top or bottom or both and you are as ventilated as you can be! And when your activity level drops just zip up and tighten everything down again.

L6 - Waterproof Shell

The sixth layer of the Särmä TST Clothing System is designed for layering over your fieldwear for temporary rain protection, or for wear instead of it as as waterproof uniform. Generous ventilation zippers minimize the thermal load of the layer, allowing the wearer added comfort. Camouflage prints and visible accessories are 100% NIR compliant.

Take a sneak peek at our upcoming Särmä TST Clothing System!


Simple sizing system, the larger these grow the longer they are too. The measurements in the size menu are recommended user height and chest circumference in centimeters. These are designed to be roomy around the chest and waist to acommodate thermal clothing or even plate carriers. If you are 100% sure you absolutely will not ever want to wear nothing thicker than a wool sweater underneath you may downsize one step, but be warned, also the shoulders and neck will be a bit tighter.

Take into account that for maximum ventilation and heat management the jacket needs to be loose fitting, if you downsize you will lose some ventilation. Not much, but some, just so you know.

Finnish MILSPEC materials

The main fabric is Iceberg by Concordia (one of Europes leading military fabric manufacturers), a three layer laminate (polyester+membrane+polyester) with PTFE membrane. This is basically the same technology as Gore-Tex, but without the extra costs of a cool brand name.

Care and maintenance

It is absolutely super important to take good care of your hardshell clothing. The whole point in a three layer membrane fabric is that the top layer has to stay dry in order for the membrane to transport moisture. When the top layer gets dirty or wet the membrane will no longer breathe and if you then add pressure water will eventually come through the fabric.

So, after use always wipe off any dirt with a simple wet towel. When you notice that the fabric is starting to lose it´s water repellency use a DWR spray or to breathe some new life into it. Washing with special detergents designed for hardshell clothing is also an option. Remember: nothing lasts forever, but everything lasts longer if you take good care of it!

Varusteleka Särmä TST

Särmä TST is our own family of specialized military gear. All Särmä TST stuff is made in co-operation with Finnish military manufacturers, the most important thing for us is high quality MILSPEC grade materials and construction. This is kit that you can trust to really take a beating!

Sewn in Estonia

These are sewn in Estonia, at a factory that has a long history of producing quality clothing for military, law enforcement agencies.

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