Varusteleka's brands 12 month warranty

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On top of our regular 100 day returns policy all our Särmä, Särmä TST, Terävä and Jämä products have a 12 month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The 12 month period stars on the day the customer receives the product.

Our warranty covers an extremely wide range of different products (regular clothing, lightweight underwear, knives, heavy specialty textiles etc.) and styles of use (everyday wear, outdoors use and military applications). With such a diverse selection and customer base, a simple and clear warranty is very important.

Covers all seasons and conditions

Defects in materials and workmanship normally show up the first time one inspects a product, or when the product is used for the first time in various conditions. 12 months cover all four seasons and conditions from hot summers to cold winters and heavy rains. If no defects show up under this time and these conditions then it's highly unlikely that there is anything wrong with the product.

Does not cover natural wear and misuse

Everything wears out. The more often and harder you use something the more worn it gets. Crawling on jagged gravel daily will wear out the knees of any trousers. Although exaggerated, this is still an example of natural wear.

Clothing and gear can also fail when used inappropriately. Burning a hole in your jacket whilst drying it out too close to an open flame is pure misuse. Hitting your knife with a rock and damaging the blade is also misuse.

Warranty claims are easy

Either walk into our store or contact our customer service by sending us email to [email protected] or use our . Please give us a detailed description of what happened, how it happened and when did you purchase the now damaged item. Also include your receipt/order number and clear photos to illustrate the damage. All this will speed up the warranty claim process a great deal!

The method of compensation depends on the customers wishes and other factors. Normally we replace the faulty product with a new one, but if this is not possible or the customer wishes for a refund, that is naturally also an option.

Illustrated real life examples

A frayed cuff of a long sleeve shirt held on flat of the hand.

Särmä merino wool hoodie. This shirt has seen almost daily use for four years during which the cuffs have worn out and started fraying. This is natural wear and tear.

The end of a sleeve of a long sleeve shirt with the seam stretched with two hands above the thumb hole exposing a finger wide hole at the seam.

Another merino wool hoodie, but this time with an actual manufacturing defect: the side seam of the sleeve was not properly finished which caused it to come undone within a few weeks of use.

Two crotch seams of pants that are broken. Two fingers have been inserted into both seams.

Särmä Zip-Off trousers. An interesting material and/or manufacturing defect which has led to the thread snapping off and the crotch seam blowing up. This happened within the first month of use, a clear case.

Held in one hand a brown leather boot with the sole come off at the heal and stretched downward with the other hand.

Särmä Jump boots. As can be seen from the condition of the leather these were never used a whole lot due to the sole coming off. Manufacturing defect!

A large blade that has broken in two width wise. The spine has some dents as well.

Terävä Skrama. This knife was used to baton firewood, but instead of using a piece of wood it was hit with an axe. The edge of the blade also shows a little bend which looks like it was hit by something hard, a nail or stone. This is a gray-zone case, even though material defects can cause cracked blades, you should never use anything as hard or harder as the knife itself to baton with, it's no good for the spine. In this case the customer received a brand new Skrama and was recommended not to use anything but wood when batoning.