Varusteleka contact information

When will the product be restocked?

If we know when the the product will be restocked, the estimated time will be listed next to an out-of-stock item. If there is only an envelope icon, it indicates we don't know when the product will be restocked. We recommend ordering restock notification and you will receive information when the product is available.

How can I select the right size?

We try our best to measure our products and to mention all of the essential details regarding sizing on the product page. This information can be found either by opening the size selection, or under the sizing section on the product page. Basically, if you are able to measure yourself, you should be able to select the right size from our shop without any trouble. Should selecting the right size cause problems, please contact us and we will help you find the one that fits best!

How can I return a product?

Please see our Returns information page. If you are still having problems making returns after looking through the information found from this link, then please call us and we will assist you in making the returns!

Do you deliver international orders?

Yes, we most certainly do! Choose your country from the drop down menu in top right corner menu. The web shop will automatically tell you whether your order will fit in an envelope or parcel. If your products fit in an envelope but you've paid for a parcel delivery, we will contact you and refund the difference. Click here for more information about International orders.

Customer service

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+358 10 320 3813
Mon-Fri 08-18 EET
Sat 10-18 EET
Landline 8,35 ct/call + 6,00 ct/min
Mobile network 8,35 ct/call + 17,17 ct/min

Tailoring services

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