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Jämä Blanket Shirt

Jämä Blanket Shirt

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A proper bushcrafty Blanket Shirt, a primite "low-tech" design where the superior natural qualities of wool combined with simple yet clever details make for a very functional outdoors jacket. These are sewn by us using good quality military surplus wool blankets!

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A proper bushcrafty Blanket Shirt, a primite "low-tech" design where the superior natural qualities of wool combined with simple yet clever details make for a very functional outdoors jacket. These are sewn by us using good quality military surplus wool blankets!

Updated pattern! Fits better on the shoulders.

  • Large chest pocket, positioned a bit higher up on the chest as not to interfere with backpack hip belts or equipment belts worn over the shirt. Great for storage or warming your cold fingers.
  • Inside the pocket is a smaller pocket, sewn onto the body side of the shirt. This little flat pocket is intended to safely store any important valuables such as mobile phones.
  • A hood, offers protection from wind and rain and keeps your head warm.
  • Access slits on the sides to make rummanging through your trouser pockets or accessing equipment on your trouser belt easier.
  • The hem is way longer on the back, this will keep the crack of your arse covered in any squatting position and it also offers simple protection from wet or cold surfaces when sitting.
  • Raglan sleeves, these are a really neat thing! No seams anywhere on top of the shoulders means no chafing when carrying backpacks, as a bonus the raglans actually make the jacket look a bit better fitted (as if that would matter with clothing like this...).

Materials and variations

These are made from proper quality military surplus blankets. As availability of military surplus varies so does these shirts, we use what is available! This means that colours (even in the same jacket) and prices can vary, some stuff is more expensive, some cheaper.

JNA, these former Yugoslavian army blankets are nice quality, coarse but dense. Judging from our burn tests we guess these are 100% wool, but naturally we can´t be 100% sure so we´re not promising anything. The colour is a nice ghastly brownish-greenish gray.

Polish, made from Polish army gray blankets. These Polish blankets are a little, tiny bit thicker than most blankets (i.e. very thick). Our burn tests show that these are either 100% wool or a very, very wool heavy mix (90/10 wool/polyester for example). Model shown in the main picture.

H.R. Co., we have no idea about the actual origin of these, the only clue is a tag saying "H.R. Co Wool Rich Blanket" which appears to have been added later. The special thing is that the material is more like "normal" fabric, thinner and much more dense, almost like if a standard blanket would have been flattened by a steam roller. This makes these shirts feel a bit less cumbersome. Our guess is that the material is 90% wool. These cost a little bit more than the other models due to the fact that the hem and sleeves have all been finished by folding and stitching them, as opposed to most other blankets that come with their edges finished to begin with. The colour may rub off onto other clothing, so don´t wear your fanciest silk dress shirt underneath!

Finnish wool, this is the stuff used in Finnish army M/65 series of field clothing. It's strong qualities are a large wool content and the fact that it really is meant for clothes, so it's more durable compared to cut-up blankets. Army surplus!

And more to come, we will surely be making these from other materials in the future and as that happens we will update this spot.


These are made in three sizes and the drop down menu indicates the recommended user height and chest circumference. A blanket shirt will never fit like a nice suit, but by choosing the right size you will get a functional garment that fits the purpose it was made for.

The most important measure is the chest, if the shirt is too tight you simply can´t get into it, if it is a bit too big: nobody cares, you look like a hobo anyway! The sleeves are generously long. Too long for you? Just fold them up for the perfect custom fit!

The model in the photos is 178 cm tall and has a chest of 95 cm. The shirt is a size S. This size leaves just enough room for a wool mid layer shirt to be worn under the Blanket Shirt.

The model in the photos is 5' 10" tall and has a chest of 37". The shirt is a size S. This size leaves just enough room for a wool mid layer shirt to be worn under the Blanket Shirt.

In the chart below you can see the actual centimetre dimensions of the shirts: first chest circumference, then front length from collar to hem, back length from neck seam to hem, and sleeve length from the center of the neck to the cuff (this measuring style works better with raglan sleeves). These measurements may vary a cm here or there from shirt to shirt.

Size Chest circumference Front length Back length Sleeve length
Small 118 69 93 90
X-Large 136 72 94 90
3X-Large 152 73 96 90
Size Chest circumference Front length Back length Sleeve length
Small 47" 27" 36.5" 35"
X-Large 54" 28" 37" 35"
3X-Large 60" 29" 38" 35"

Jämä is upcycled surplus

Click here for the whole Jämä selection.

Jämä is a Finnish word meaning leftovers or scraps. It’s also one of our house brands for equipment made from recycled or surplus materials. From time to time we accumulate stuff that doesn't sell well but is made out of outstanding materials. We've also got several capable seamstresses here, and the equation is pretty clear: cut that useless stuff apart and sew it back together to create something useful.

Because Finnish labour is one of the most expensive in the world, these are very simple, practical and rugged in design. Our development and prototype production remains in-house while most of the production is outsourced to Turku - still within Finland. Simplicity means strength: the fewer parts there are, the smaller the chance of breaking anything.


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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

23.06.2017 (Edited 09.12.2017)
Hämmästyttävä vaate. Ollut toistaiseksi lähinnä kaupunki-käytössä, mutta vakuuttaa vahvasti. Alla t-paita, niin on pärjännyt juhannus säässä pienessä vesisateessakin. Eikä edes ison miehen päällä näytä mitenkään hullulta, kunhan ei laita huppua päähän. Jykevä materiaali (vihreä huopa), pitää tuulta ja pientä sadetta, kutittaa yllättävän vähän ihoa. Joskaan en ole villan kutittamiselle kovin herkkä. Tasku on yllättävän näppärä, vaikka sijoitus on hiukan epätavallinen. Iso plussa kännykkätaskusta.

Tällä käytöllä täydet 5/5, mutta tarkennan arvostelua, kunhan käyttöä tulee lisää. Varsinkin eräreissuista selviämisen testaaminen kiinnostaa ja saattaa vaikuttaa arvosanaan. Kunhan säät kylmenee. Mutta kyllä tästä tuli nopeasti luottovaate näillä sääolosuhteilla.

Edit joulukuu '17: nyt on vermettä aika paljon ulkoilutettu ja mielipide on entistä positiivisempi! Aivan täydellinen metsässä rämpimiseen. Alle tilanteen mukaan hengittäviä kerroksia ja reppuun anorakki, jos sää menee aivan onnettomaksi. Rämmin kolmatta tuntia peräkkäisiä hakkuualueita selkä märkänä, mutta pysähtyessä ei tuntunut ollenkaan pahalta, kiitos merinovillaisen aluskerraston ja villaisen päälikerraston. Toisella kurjan kostealla reissulla vedin alle peltipaidan lisäeristykseksi ja tauolla kuuskakkosen takin viimaa vastaan. Kesällä tuli muutama yökin nukuttua semisuojaisessa paikassa vain vetämällä huppu silmille ja kädet taskuun. Lintutornissa värjöttelyssä toimii myös mainiosti.

Itsenäisyyspäivän nurkilla tuulisessa pakkassäässä pääsi viima kutittelemaan helman alta, mutta huosujen vyön siirtäminen miehistövyöksi pussitti mukavasti alaosan ja taas tarkeni.

Mielessä on paljon pieniä lisäyksiä joita aion tehdä/teettää, kuten hihan kiristys pompan napeilla, kartta- tai hanskatasku selkäpuolelle, paracodista tehty lenkkikuja pikkusälälle, ja niin edelleen. Näin yksinkertaiseen vaatteeseen kun voi lisätä omaa näkemystään verrattain helposti.

In English: pretty much perfect outer layer for any strenuous activity that combines sweating with cold weather (e.g. Finland all year round). Warm and breathable, durable, not flammable and easily repaired. Highly recommend.
9 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

This is a perfect outer layer for any kind of outdoor activity. The pocket is a lot roomier than I originally thought.
6 1 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Erinomainen kapistus. Ollut käytössä ihan kaupungilla hipsterivaatteena sekä puskapusakkana metsässä. Suojaa mukavasti säältä ja alle saa kerrastonkin. Loppupeleissä erittäin toimiva jokapaikan vaate.
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

16.11.2017 (Edited 16.11.2017)
I grabbed one of the older pattern H. R. Co. shirts and absolutely love it. It's been out on several hunting trips and is incredibly cozy in cool weather. The pocket is perfect for holding extra ammunition, packs of jerky, or a flask of your favourite warming beverage! The lengthened rear is great for preventing your ass from getting too dirty or cold when you need to take a seat in the woods. The fit is great, the colour pleasant, and the material comfy. I would recommend wearing a light layer underneath though (I wear a telnyashka), as the wool can get a little itchy and rough on certain pieces of skin.

Also huge unexpected bonus that it makes me look like an angry forest monk festooned with weaponry.
23 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

I have the Finnish wool , on the wool itchy scale I give it a solid 5. . I would say the fabric on mine was new when sewn , at least that’s how it appears to me. I ordered the XL and I’m 5’10 ,162 lbs of apathy , 40” chest. Fits perfect. This thing is WARM. I would say wear a silk weight under it as it’s a little itchy if you are sensitive to wool. I have room for another layer over the silk if need be, but I’m not sure I would need it until it got colder than my local environment. This thing has its own vibe , and it’s really cool. The transition from the hood to the garment is really well thought out as there isn’t much gaping going on, it’s not drafty. Only down side I can see is your peripheral is going to be zero when the hood is up, but if you are wearing this you are pretty much a wizard anyway. My wife thought I looked Hot with it on.. I was in fact hot.
17 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Paras vaate!
Toivotaan että kestää koko loppuiän, varmaan joutuu haalimaan varalle yhden jos sattuu joku hyvä uusi sarka kohdalle.
5 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Recently I wore the Finnish wool version in -27oC wind chill Canadian weather with a cotton shirt and a commercial fleece underneath. I was comfy. A better base layer and I should be set to -40o or colder. The deep front pocket is very handy, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how warm the hood is. I am being asked where I got my blanket shirt and I point folks to your web site. And FYI, flat rate shipping to Canada took seven days door-to-door. Great product, fair price, very good trans-Atlantic service.
9 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

03.01.2018 (Edited 03.01.2018)
I bought the finnish wool... WARM perfect for buschcraft in any colder condisions! 10/10
6 0 Report abuse


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