Sonett wool care 300 ml

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Sonett wool care 300 ml
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Wool care consists mostly of lanolin, natural wool grease removed from wool in early stages of processing. With this, you'll make your wool garment dirt and water repellant. It's like hair conditioner to wool.

When wool is on sheep, it's very greasy, as this helps the sheep be hygienic and warm. When wool is prepared for textiles, almost all of the grease, known as lanolin, is washed off and collected for later use. For wool high-stress wool garments it's sensible to restore some of the grease, as this makes the wool's surface resistant to water and all kinds of things. Good for all kinds of items that experience bad weather, like old wool military overgarments, caps, gloves, jumpers that you use outdoors and what have you. Not all wool garments require wool care - you definitely do not want to use it on your business suit - and regular stuff like underwear might well be okay by usin just high quality wool washing detergent, as that leaves some grease on wool too.

Dosage depents on use, usually half a teaspoonfull is good for instructions below. For very stressed garments, like baby nappy pants or winter overcoart, you can use up to 2 tablespoons.

Dissolve your chosen amount of wool care in hot water and fill up to approx. 1 litre using cold water. Place the moistened woollen nappy pants into the lukewarm solution, wash through several times and leave to soak for about ½ – 1 hour. Rinse in lukewarm water, press out and leave to dry on a towel.

Wool Care can also be used in the washing machine. To this end, dissolve ½ teaspoonful of Wool Care in approx. 30–40 ml of hot water and pour the solution into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. Wash normally, of course using wool-specific laundry liquid and wool washing program.

Contents:Natural wool fat (pesticide-free) 15 – 30 %
Olive-oil soap, certified organically grown 15 – 30 %
Sugar surfactant 5 – 15 %
Cetyl alcohol 1 – 5 %
Plant-based thickening agent < 1 %
Citrate < 1 %
Essential lavender oil, certified organically grown < 1 %
Balsamic additives, certified organically grown/collection from wild-growing plants < 1 %
Water up to 100 %

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004: Aqua, lanolin, potassium soap*, alkylpolyglucoside C8–14, cetyl alcohol, polysaccharide, potassium citrate, perfume* (fragrance), linalool*. * marked are organically grown.

Density: (20° C) approx. 0,99 g / cm³
pH value: (20° C, 5 g / l H2O) approx. 7 - 8

Product is new, manufactured by Sonett.

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