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FERNEZ gas mask, surplus

FERNEZ gas mask, surplus

Price 58.99 USD excluding VAT

A French made panoramic gas mask, these came from Polish army stocks. A modern, high quality mask. Sold with or without a filter. In any case these are NOT sold for any actual protective use due to their surplus nature!

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A French made panoramic gas mask, these came from Polish army stocks. A modern, high quality mask. Sold with or without a filter. In any case these are NOT sold for any actual protective use due to their surplus nature!

A straightfoward design with a wide-view panoramic lens and 5-point strap system to guarantee a good fit. Comes with a speech diaphragm to make your mumbling sound a bit more like an actual human voice. The filter is threaded on the front. 40 mm NATO threads.

These are 2000s manufacture, and officially their service life has expired. If you're after a filter, this mask will take the Scott product we stock at the time of writing, and you can probably find workable solutions from the nearby hardware store too.


Unissued gear, very often still in their own cardboard box. When new these cost some 150 EUR. And these are kinda new...

Military surplus gas masks are NOT sold for any actual protective purposes, only as collectibles.


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3.86 / 5
7 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

Plussat: Hyvä avara näkökenttä. Optisesti näkee oikeesti hyvin! Minun kappale oli muoveissa oleva uusi. Tavalliset 40mm suotimet sopii.
Miinukset: Kumissa on aika ikävä "kuminen"/teollinen haju, joka väheni pesulla ja puhdistuksella muttei poistunut läheskään kokonaan.Sisäänhengitysventtiili on tiellä, jos on kivääri olalla ja haluaisi nähdä tähtäimet. Silmälasit ei tietty mahdu alle, ranskan ARF-A tai puolan MP-5 ovat ainoat mihin mun lasit on mahtuneet alle maskin kanssa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Periaatteesta en voi antaa täysiä pisteitä, mutta en kyllä keksi mitään moitittavaa, todella mahtava kapistus vrt tuohon vanhaan intin maskiin ja nämä Scottin Pro 2000 filtterit, I love it! Pysyy koronat loitolla takuulla ruuhkabussissa istuessa tämä päässä!
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I would recommend for a friend

Pikkaisen hankala laittaa päähän isonaamaiselle, mutta paikalleen asetettuna verrattain mukava. Syö vaikka mitä filttereitä, joita saa myös työkaluliikkeistäkin korrekteilla kierteillä.
Löysin myös monikielisen (Suomi löytyy) käyttöohjeen intterneteistä, jos linkki toimii:
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I would recommend for a friend

I wear medium size 2 masks, while this is supposed to be a "one size fits all" mask, it just doesn't sit right. It gets very uncomfortable around my forehead and chin after 15-30 minutes. There is quite a bit of distortion in three spots on the lens, down the middle, and on either side. The voice diaphragm is a circular grated metal bit on the left side and it gets highly saturated in just a few minutes. I suspect with time it may begin to rust. It is a bit easier to breath in and does not fog up all too much with heavy breathing.

Overall, it's a decent panoramic gas mask, but your fitment may vary and the distortion is a major con.
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I would recommend for a friend

My thoughts on this are pretty much the same as other reviews. The mask fits me pretty well, there is some distortion but it's not significant enough to annoy me, and it came pristine in the cardboard box.
The adjustment straps are all really easy to use, better than most swimming goggles, although I will note that the loose ends of the fresh rubber straps sprawl straight out from the mask unlike the pictures show, so if you intend to wear this without a hood you'll look a bit Lovecraftian.
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I would recommend for a friend

18.07.2020 (Edited 18.07.2020)
I bought this mask just last month and now I got the opportunity to wear it outdoors starting by going to the mall for the new normal. Since this is a new gas mask to my collection I had to test it out by taking a stroll until I got to the destination just to check some stuff to buy, and oh boy this mask made me sweat so much because it gave me a lot of time to get used to the form fitting.

Here's what I noticed about the gas mask in terms of its features.

Just like what the other comments says according to its size, I can verify also it's indeed around a Medium as it's digging through my forehead which will cause some irritation around the face, especially if you're new to wearing gas masks. I usually wear a size Large for gas masks so I know that this isn't a perfect fit for my face, in fact it feels a bit small to me that it's uncomfortably tight no matter how I try to adjust it properly.

However, I didn't experience any fogging through the lenses for 3 hours straight and people were able to hear me out through the voice diaphragm just as fine when I tried inquiring with the store clerks but sometimes I have to raise my pitch a little high which isn't that bad at all.

Overall, it's a decent mask like they said and sizing is odd so be sure to measure your face and head size before purchasing this mask as it's important to get the right fit for your face. Unless, you really need a mask to wear due to Covid -19 or to have something as a collection like I would do then it's quite the bargain honestly.
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I would recommend for a friend

It's quite all right for the price.

Not the most comfortable on my face (round face, generally size 2 (scale 1-3) gasmasks fit me best), but if you're looking for an affordable panorama mask then this is a good candidate. I do recommend using a filter extention hose, even when secured correctly the mask tends to droop down with heavier filters (using a Scott Pro 2000) since there isn't a whole lot of room in front for that.

Other than that it's a good design, easy to take apart & reassemble. Did come with a industrial rubbery smell which was dampened but not completely removed by a soap wash, however after said treatment it's not overly offensive. The plastic visor isn't 100% optically clear, but it's close enough not to bother me either.
The inner face piece does it's job in preventing fogging on the inside.

All-in-all it's a nice, fairly modern mask for the price tag, definitively worth trying out before getting a brand new panorama mask like Scott Promask FM3 or the like.
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Kristian F. 09.04.2020
Can’t be shipped to the US? Is there some sort of embargo on gas masks?
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Harry H. 11.04.2020
The EU cant ship protective masks out of the EU for the duration of covid
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Ben P. 14.04.2020
Is that actually the reason these can't be shipped to other countries? The description says they are sold as collectibles and not for protective purposes. Can't have it both ways...
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