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Scott Pro 2000 ABEKP3 filter

Scott Pro 2000 ABEKP3 filter

Price 29.99 USD excluding VAT

For full-on warzones, accept no less than this filter. Featuring 40 mm EN 148-1 standard threads (as seen on US gas masks as well), this filter is in active combat and high-risk service on a global scale.

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For full-on warzones, accept no less than this filter. Featuring 40 mm EN 148-1 standard threads (as seen on US gas masks as well), this filter is in active combat and high-risk service on a global scale.

These days, it makes sense for a civilian to have one of these and an appropriate mask in their contingency box. You never know when a forest fire or factory explosion happens next door and the wind is blowing from the wrong direction.

Features and protection range

The Scott CF32 has a very high flow capability with low breathing resistance. This is the power player's choice for serious work, let others catch their breath!

Protects against organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapours, solid and liquid particles, radioactive and toxic particles, bacteria and viruses.

Shelf life 5 years at most, after opening 6 months.

3M Scott Fire & Safety

The owners and the name may change, but this is the same manufacturer that has made gas masks and such for a long time. The customer base includes various armed forces and fire brigades around the world. To put it short: the reliability and safety of Scott masks is top-notch.

Made in the UK.


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I would recommend for a friend

Tbh if I’m reading reviews on gas mask filters, you just want to know if it’s really good or really bad.
Thankfully these are really good. Very low resistance, though they are bigger than they look. Even though I have asthma, this still afforded me 95-90% airflow when attached to my mask- compared to not using any filter.
I did not find it difficult to breathe even after a bit of extended exercise (running up and down some stairs)
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I would recommend for a friend

Pretty much agree with the other reviewer. They're in date filters and are up to the task. Breathing resistance really is minimal. But these really are huge filters. In a side loading mask (like the FM12 I use) I've found they're very awkward, it's pretty easy to smack yourself in the collar bone with it, and they're pretty heavy.
I'm now on the lookout for a 40mm STANG hose for the mask to deal with the issue
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I would recommend for a friend

suosittelen toimii vanhempienkin maskien kanssa vaikka tosin tämä suodatin on NATO kierteillä varustettu toimii se myös 30-40 luvun 40mm GOST maskejen kanssa
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FRANCESCO C. 04.04.2020
Why can you not ship these filters to the USA?
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Thomas L. 05.04.2020
Finland likely barred the export of respiratory PPE due to the current health crisis. The likely reason you can still buy the other stuff is because it's marketed as surplus for decoration purposes.
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Gage B. 23.06.2020
In accordance to the previous comment, so buying this (as a US citizen) is pretty much pointless or..? I can't find a full-face gas mask anywhere without having to wait at least month or so.

Woe, procrastination will be the death of me.
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