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Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp
Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.
Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.
Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.

Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp

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The next-generation Fenix HM65R Superraptor is as near to a perfect headlamp as it gets. Based on the HM65R, this improved version has better circuits, LEDs and optimized reflectors to earn the Superraptor suffix. Designed for Finnish users.

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Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.
Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.
Fenix HM65R Superraptor Headlamp.

The next-generation Fenix HM65R Superraptor is as near to a perfect headlamp as it gets. Based on the HM65R, this improved version has better circuits, LEDs and optimized reflectors to earn the Superraptor suffix. Designed for Finnish users.

Were you looking for that coveted Särmä TST variant with a red light and stealthy headband to be less sporty and more covert? We read your thoughts. Click above.


  • Regulator circuit for a constant output
  • Daylight LED for a brighter illumination
  • Optimized reflectors to combine the beams into an even pattern
  • 6 power levels

The headlamp gets its power from a rechargeable Fenix ARB-L18-3500 mAh battery which can be fast-charged with USB-C cord. The charging cable and battery are included. Light, dustproof and waterproof magnesium frame and 1400 lumen max output make these a very attractive illuminator.

With the optimized beams, you can illuminate from nearby areas up to 140 meters / 153 yd away. Different light outputs can be used at the same time or separately. This feature makes the headlamp a good choice for fast-paced sports such as cycling or trail running.

You'll find plenty of uses for a proper headlamp but here are few for this powerful lamp:

  • Demanding outdoor use
  • Work light
  • Demanding everyday use, cycling etc.


Eight modes

Mode Output Max. burn time
Spot Turbo1000 lm2 h
Spot High II600 lm3 h
Spot High I400 lm4 h
Spot Mid130 lm13.5 h
Spot Low50 lm97 h
Floodlight High400 lm / 1 lm4 h
Floodlight Mid130 lm13 h
Floodlight Low8 lm300 h

Toggling between modes is easy and both the flood and spot modes have dedicated power switches.

The buttons can be locked out by pressing either or both switches for 3 seconds when the light is off. The floodlight will blink four times to indicate success. To unlock the buttons, press both buttons for three seconds, the floodlight will blink four times and remain on at Low power setting.

Adaptable headband

The headbands are assembled in a way that shows the most graphics around the band. Should the adjustment range fall short for you, you can extend it by several cm / a few inches by assembling the headband as shown in the video below:

Features in a nutshell

  • Very bright max. 1400 lumen output
  • Digitally regulated circuit - maintains constant brightness
  • Spot and floodlight for various lighting demands
  • As much as three times faster charging than in a regular headlamp. USB-C charger (5V 1500 mA)
  • Max operating time up to 300 h on low-mode. With medium output 13,5 h
  • Battery indicator:
    • Four lights: 100-81 %
    • Three lights: 80-61 %,
    • Two lights: 60-41 %,
    • One light: 40-21 %,
    • Blinking light: 20-0 %
  • Quality aluminium, magnesium and PC material, lightweight and durable
  • Removable and reflecting headband. 50% lighter than regular headband.
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating
  • Can be used as a mini flashlight
  • Package includes: HM65R SUPERRAPTOR headlamp x 1 pcs, headband and top headband x 1 pcs, Fenix ABR-L18-3500 rechargeable Li-ion battery x 1 pcs, USB Type-C charging cable x 1 pcs, headband mount x 1 pcs, spare O-ring x 1 pcs, user manual


  • Output: 1400 lumens (max)
  • Runtime: 2 h - 300 h
  • LED-type: 2 x Cree XM-L2 U2 White LED
  • Batteries: 1 x 18650 incl. / 2 x CR123A not incl.
  • Certificates: ANSI/NEMA FL-1, ROHS, CE, IP68

Other specs:

Spec Metric Imperial
Max range 140 m 153 yd
Size 80.5 x 55 x 40 mm 3.17" x 2.17" x 1.57"
Weight (no battery) 97 g 3.42 oz.
Weight (inc. battery) 147 g 5.2 oz.
Impact resistance 2 m 6.6 ft
Water resistance depth 2 m 6.6 ft

5 years warranty for the flashlight against factory defects, 1-year warranty for the battery.

Made by Fenix

Fenix is a high-quality mobile lighting manufacturer founded in 2001. They manufacture flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lamps, etc. for professionals and hobbyists all over the world. The thing about Fenix is their excellent value, very affordable yet very high quality. Fenix is a great choice for anybody looking for a real workhorse flashlight!

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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

12.10.2020 (Edited 06.06.2021)
Hi there just reviewed the Fenix Super Raptor HM65R being used for a primary caving light. You can check it out here:



It's a great headlamp!
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Three stars
I would recommend for a friend

Tosi hyvä lamppu, järjettömän tehokas, ja pienimmällä teholla akku kestää todella pitkään - mutta ei LÄHELLEKÄÄN luvattua 300 tuntia! Testasin tämän heti ensimmäisenä yksinkertaisesti jättämällä täyteen ladatun lampun palamaan. Jo suunnilleen 150 tunnin kohdalla akku oli lampun omien merkkiledien mukaan loppu, valo alkoi himmentyä, ja akun napajännite oli mitattaessa jo litium-kennoille suositellulla ehdottomalla alarajalla. Ei se enää MITENKÄÄN olisi kestänyt toista 150 tuntia!

Testasin akun akkuanalysaattorilla, ja se oli ok - kapasiteettia vain muutaman prosentin alle nimelliskapasiteetin. Varusteleka vaihtoi koko lampun uuteen (täydet pisteet asiakaspalvelusta!), mutta siinä on täsmälleen sama juttu. Valmistaja siis valehtelee paloajan kaksi kertaa liian pitkäksi.

Hyvä lamppu kuitenkin, en ajatellut vaihtaa pois! KUUDENKIN VIIKON metsäreissussa voi lueskella lampun valossa 3.5 tuntia JOKA ILTA, ja viikon reissussa lamppua hädin tuskin tarvitsee sammuttaa ikinä. Käyttöliittymäkin on järkevä! Jos tämän paloajaksi luvattaisiin rehellisesti 150 tuntia, antaisin täydet viisi tähteä. Ja jos 150 tunnin speksi riittää, niin suosittelen ilman muuta!
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