ESS ICE 3 protective eyewear, with elastic strap, two spare lenses

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ESS ICE 3 protective eyewear, with elastic strap, two spare lenses
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ESS CDI High Impact sunglasses

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Essentially ballistic sunglasses - not a bad looking pair either. These are Mil Spec certified, so they should also be OK to use on ops too. Made to fit most faces snugly and protect pretty well, even from the sides. The lenses are easily exchanged by pushing them out from the sides and then inserting new ones in reverse order. Still, they won't pop out from an impact.

ESS ICE Replacement Kit

ESS ICE Replacement Kit

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This kit will turn everything else but the lenses of your ESS ICE goggles! The neck strap remains black, however.

CPE High Cut ballistic helmet, NIJ IIIA

CPE High Cut ballistic helmet, NIJ IIIA

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A tactical high cut version of the US military Advanced Combat Helmet. Lightweight (made from UHMWPE Spectra and comfortable to wear, even with loads of extra gear attached. Level NIJ IIIA ballistic protection, protects against shrapnel and 9 mm pistol caliber bullets.

ESS Crossbow One ballistic glasses

ESS Crossbow One ballistic glasses

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High quality MILSPEC ballistic glasses, these come with the standard Tri-Tech Fit frame and a lens of your choice (gray or clear). Great glasses for any use where you really need good eye protection, military use, shooting etc.

ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X protective glasses

ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X protective glasses

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A pair of superior safety glasses - one pair ear cup compatible, the other "normal". Also come with two sets of lenses, dark and bright or red and bright. Of course you can freely combine whatever lenses and frames you want.

Frameless and lightweight ballistic eyewear. Fits the needs of any shooting hobby, including airsoft.

The ESS ICE 3 lightweight and roomy design is made to minimize fogging. The open sides provide superior air flow, but when ventilation is obstructed or movement stops, the lenses might fog up. This can be prevented with Fogtech or Cat Crap anti-fog solutions.


  • 2,4 mm PC ballistic lenses that are 100% UVA / UVB proof
  • frameless construction - unobstructed view
  • arms are adjustable (lenght) and flexible enough to bend
  • lenses are ToughZone™ Antiscratch treated
  • ESS ICE 3 exceed the following standards: EN 166 F, MIL PRF 31013, ANSI Z87.1, v50-classification 251 m/s

This package includes:

  • two tinted spare lenses; smoke grey and yellow
  • adjustable neck strap
  • microfiber wipe cloth
  • soft, zipped carry bag with belt loops.

Factory new, made by ESS.

User experiences

Quality eyewear for rough use. Works both in war and airsoft alike. I've been using my pair for several years now and there are barely any signs of use. Nice.


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Private Military Contractor – Operation POLAND

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