Circular Economy

Circular Economy is a bit like surplus: we buy used items and we sell them forward. The items in question are from Särmä, Särmä TST, Terävä, Jämä and Savotta product lines, as well as selected surplus items. See all the available used Circular Economy products here.

Circular economy returns are easy

At the moment international Circular Economy returns are not supported, but we are working to get the logistics running in the future. You can still benefit from Circular Economy by buying the used stuff others have returned for very decent prices.

A Circular Economy return may be made by a registered Regular Pig, who has previously bought Circular Economy -eligible products and lives in Finland. If your order contains suitable products, you’ll see a button “I want to do a Circular Economy return”. Click it and follow the instructions.

Refund credits and condition classifications

The refund for used products is 50 % and 20 % for heavily used products. To cover costs we deduct a fixed service charge of 1.00 € (shop returns) or 6.00 € (national mail return), and 0.50 € / item.

The refund is paid in credits, which can be used to pay in our webshop and brick & mortar shop in Helsinki. One credit equals one unit of the currency you use to shop.

This is the criteria to determine a product’s condition:


If you bought the product less than three months ago and it's new, make a normal return and you’ll get your money back as usual.

After the 100 day mark all new products are returned and received as Circular Economy products, and are considered “used”. We may make some improvements between production runs, so when we sell things new they should be from the latest batch.

  • Clean
  • In good shape
  • No noticeable wear (not scruffy)
  • For knives: no chips or rust on the blade
Heavily used
  • Clean
  • Must be usable as is, not necessarily fully functional
  • A pocket’s zipper or button may be broken, but the main zipper must still function
  • There may be some small holes
  • May be noticeably worn (scruffy)
  • Possible repairs are made well
  • All zippers on a backpack must be in working order, a plastic buckle may be broken
  • Knife blades may have small chips or be slightly rusty

No refund, item discarded

  • Dirty
  • Human or animal fur
  • Smells
  • Large holes
  • Main zipper broken

Which products belong to the circular economy programme and why?

All eligible products are listed in the Circular Economy product category. The products are made to high-quality specs and can be passed on to another user. We’re serious when we say that our own product lines are made to last.

In the future the selection of products that may be returned will expand. Certain items will be left out for hygienic reasons, such as underwear. Most of the wool products are also excluded. Fleece items have been left out, as they are best recycled via burning and they are a discontinued item in our selection.

Older versions of current products are OK to return: a used item you buy may be one of these. If it's important to have all the latest features and improvements, a brand new product is a safer choice. To return an older version no longer available, contact our customer service first: [email protected]