Austrian trousers size chart


People's sizes vary in two different way: height and width. Austrians have a distinct size system for both jackets and trousers. Strangely, trousers width is indicated by width of the chest. No worries! Our thoroughbred investigators have dug up the corresponding sizes.


Easy sizeUser waistAustrian system (chest)
Small72-80 cm88-92
Medium80-88 cm96-100
Large88-98 cm104-108
X-Large98-108 cm112-116
2X-Large108-116 cm120-124

User waist maximum is usually the same as the actual measured waist of the trousers. With military trousers the waist is measured slightly below the navel. You can also take existing trousers that fit, measure the waist flat and multiply by two.

If you went through the table with precision, you might have noticed that the difference between chest circumference and waist gets smaller as the sizes grow. This difference is 12 cm for sizes Small and Medium, 10 cm for Large and 8 cm for X-Large and 2X-Large. When the body type is normal and chest circumference becomes larger, the waist actually grows a bit faster.


Easy sizeOur recommendationAustrian system
Short163-171 cmI-II
Regular171-179 cmIII-IV
Long179-187 cmV-VI
X-Long187-195 cmVII-VIII

Instructions for choosing width also applies for length.

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Trousers with the Austrian sizing system

Austrian M75 Cargo Pants, olive drab, surplus

Austrian M75 Cargo Pants, olive drab, surplus

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Comfortable and robust trousers for a price you can afford. Used Austrian Bundesheer surplus.