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Austrian jacket size chart

Measurement locations

People's sizes vary in two basic ways: height and width. Austrians have a distinct size system for their jackets and trousers. As with most size systems, one designation is used for tops and bottoms, but the numbers refer to the tops only. No worries! Our thoroughbred investigators have dug up the measurements for the trousers.

These are measurements of the person, not the garment!


The width (circumference, acktchually) is measured around the largest part of the chest, usually right in the armpits. Overcoats are designed to accommodate layers of clothing worn underneath, so do not order a bigger size "just in case"!

There is some "no man's land" in-between sizes. If your measurements fall here, you may be able to pick the smaller size and get a tighter fit or the larger one and have a lot more room.

SizeAustrian size*

*= your chest circumference in centimetres.


Some people have proportionally longer or shorter arms than usual. You can choose outside your suggested height range if you commonly have sleeves that drape over your hands, or suffer from cold wrists. In addition to anatomic differences, preferences vary.

LengthUser heightAustrian size
Short163-171 cmI-II
Regular171-179 cmIII-IV
Long179-187 cmV-VI
X-Long187-195 cmVII-VIII

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