Regular Pig Offer

Regular Pig Offer

A checkered shirt is a stylish choice regardless of current fashion trends. This shirt works anywhere, from downtown to the fells of Lapland, and even for the neighbor’s barbecue – and if you get caught in the rain, it still keeps you warmer than a cotton shirt.

For summer weather, it’s also a good idea to get durable shorts that won't let your phone and wallet fall out when you sit down or do cartwheels at summer parties. The special feature of these stretchy Tactical Denim Shorts is their unassuming looks, but there's more than meets the eye: the cleverly placed ten pockets can stash just about anything.

This June’s Regular Pig Offer is a 20% discount on Särmä Light Wool Check Shirt and Tactical Denim Shorts! The offer is valid June 1-14, 2024. Remember to be logged into your Regular Pig account, and use the code KVTF20 in your shopping cart.

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