Who Made Your Clothes, Part 13, Ozra Textiles Company

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This article series by Varusteleka is part of the global Fashion Revolution Week, a campaign that aims at making the sourcing, manufacture, and sales of clothes more ethical and transparent. We believe that this is a damn good thing and thus we were very happy to participate in it for the third time now in 2022.

During this campaign week, we continue the series that introduces our partners and their fantastic gang who makes your clothes and accessories. In this thirteenth part, you will meet Ozra Textiles Company from Turkey.

Ozra Textiles makes your towels

Ozra Textiles Company is our Turkish towel partner. The company, established in 2008, is focused on manufacturing fabrics fully out of cotton. The factory has its own divisions for weaving the fabric, sewing the products, and making different kinds of embroidery works.

The cooperation with Varusteleka began in 2019 when we developed the M05 Snow Camo towels and bathrobes.


Sinem from Ozra

In the picture posing with our snow camo towels is Sinem, who is the chief of the sewing department.
She does the planning and control of the sewing work and has been working for Ozra for six years already.


Azim from Ozra

Asim is the weaving chief at Ozra textiles and has been working there for a whopping ten years.
The work consists of planning and control of the weaving department.

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