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A guide to wrapping a Shemagh-scarf around the head

Shemagh-scarf is a convertible piece of gear. Unlike your everyday neck-warmer, it serves as a balaclava, or even as a makeshift backpack if it comes to it... Keeping it to headgear: this scarf offers protection against wind, sand, and snow as well as against extreme colds AND extreme heat. This might come in handy if you leave your cap somewhere during winter but still have your scarf.


Fold the scarf in two so it forms a triangle. Place the scarf on top of your head. Leave the scarf hanging on your right side. The left side should extend to your collar but not further.

Vaihe 2

Hold the scarf still from the edge near your right eye whilst folding it to cover your face.

Vaihe 3

Bring the rest around your head.

Vaihe 4

Grab the long end in the other hand and the short end to the other.

Vaihe 5

Tie the ends.

Vaihe 6

The result looks somewhat like this.