How to Choose the Best of Military Surplus: Top 10 Items You Must Have

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Rich in durability, versatility, and historical significance, military surplus offers a great selection, from sturdy field clothing and tactical camping equipment to collectibles. These items are an excellent option for outdoors people looking to set out on their next great adventure, military enthusiasts wanting to commemorate the history and sacrifices of past generations, or people just wanting to look cool.

This guide will act as the loudmouthed drill instructor, helping you pick the top 10 must-have military surplus items for your varying needs. Whether you're a seasoned military surplus veteran looking to expand your extensive collection or a rookie looking to buy your first item, look alive, soldier, and continue reading!

Benefits of Using Military Surplus Items

Military surplus meets strict government standards. It is designed to endure harsh conditions and heavy use, making it a great choice for anyone looking for tough gear that will last a long time.

Choosing military surplus can save money due to its durability and natural versatility. For example, you can use the same stuff for everyday use and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting. Military surplus can also bring value to collectors and history enthusiasts, as it often includes specialized gear and memorabilia that is unavailable elsewhere.

Top 10 Items You Must Have from Military Surplus

1. Field Jackets

Military field jackets are known for their rugged design and practical features. Typically, these jackets come with multiple pockets, durable materials, and often also various weather-resistant properties. They are great for outdoor activities like hiking or camping and also work well as casual wear or layering pieces during colder months.

When choosing a jacket, carefully examine the stitching and zippers for quality. High-quality field jackets from army surplus stores often have reinforced seams and heavy-duty fasteners. Some rare models can also be valuable collectibles due to their unique designs or historical significance.

2. Cargo Pants

Military cargo pants feature jagged construction and large pockets for items like gloves and tools like pocket knife, compass, lighter, etc. They are made from ripstop fabric, heavy-duty cotton, and other strong materials, which ensures longevity. Benefits include durability, comfort, and convenient extra storage, making them ideal for hiking, workwear, or casual wear. When choosing cargo pants from army surplus stores, consider the right size and material to match your needs.

3. Surplus Combat Boots

Combat boots are a sturdy piece of gear found at any good army surplus store. They are known for their resilient fabrication and practical features. These boots have reinforced soles and provide good ankle support, making them perfect for uneven terrains. They are usually made from leather and sometimes include waterproof elements to keep feet dry. Designed with breathability in mind, they also help reduce foot sweat during long periods of wear.

When shopping for high-quality combat boots, inspect the soles and stitching to ensure they meet your needs. Choose the right pair based on terrain and climate; some models have insulation to suit specific conditions. Another important thing to note is that military surplus boots do not necessarily come with insoles, and even if they do, the insoles might be worn. Hence, you might wanna buy a new pair of insoles along with the boots.

4. Military Surplus Backpacks

Military surplus backpacks are recognized for their solid construction and numerous storage options. Many of these backpacks come with modular designs that enable users to easily add extra pouches to fit their requirements. Tactical backpacks offer advantages such as unsurpassed price-quality ratio, efficient organization, and versatility. These backpacks are well-suited for a variety of activities, including traveling, hiking, and everyday use.

When choosing a backpack, look for a capacity that suits your needs along with features like hydration packs and comfortable straps. Maintaining your tactical backpack involves regular cleaning and organizing it efficiently to ensure quick access to essential items. This keeps the equipment in top condition while making it easier to carry everything you need.

5. Molle Pouches

MOLLE pouches are renowned for their modularity and adaptability. These tough pouches come with attachment points that allow you to customize your loadout by easily adding and removing pouches based on your needs. MOLLE pouches such as magazine or utility pouches are primarily used for military-related activities, however, you can also adapt them to camping and hiking. They can be easily integrated with other gear using the PALS webbing.

When choosing a MOLLE pouch, identify your personal needs and determine the ideal size for your purposes. Pick a color or camo pattern that suits you and ensure that the attachment system is up to par and compatible with your other equipment. Trying to pair a modern MOLLE pouch with a WWII pack, for example, will require a stapling gun or duct tape and lots of stupid.

6. Tents

The longevity, all-weather capability, and dirt cheap price of military surplus tents can make them a good addition to your military surplus collection. Made from high-quality materials and often with quick setup and versatility in mind, these tents are suitable for many outdoor events like camping or music festivals.

When selecting a tent, make sure that the size and capacity match your needs. Look for strong materials like ripstop nylon and canvas, and ensure that the tent provides the necessary weather resistance and ventilation. For an ideal experience, pay attention to the ease of setup and transportability of the tent. Although especially with older military surplus, this can be tricky to achieve. But hey, that heavy and annoying piece of crap still looks way cooler than those flimsy civilian ones.

7. Dry Bags

Military dry bags are highly regarded for their exceptional waterproofing capabilities and long-lasting durability. These reliable bags are designed with convenient roll-top closures that effectively seal out moisture, providing a secure and protective storage solution for your valuable gear and equipment. Their superior quality and ease of use make them a popular choice for individuals engaged in various activities such as military reservist hobbies, water sports (not that other kind), camping trips, and traveling.

When selecting a military surplus dry bag, it is essential to consider the specific size and type of dry bag that will best suit each activity you plan to participate in. Choosing the appropriate size ensures that your belongings will fit securely and remain protected from water. Take too small, and you have just dry sad. To prolong the lifespan of your military surplus dry bag, clean it thoroughly after each use. and don't stab it full of holes in frenzy.

8. Canteen and Mess Kit

The portable design and adaptability of military canteens and mess kits make them perfect for wining and dining in the wild. These items are made from sturdy materials that can endure even the harshest conditions. Apart from their ability to withstand wear and tear, they offer (a bit bulky) convenience in terms of portability and can be used for camping, hiking, or emergency preparedness.

When picking your canteen and mess kit, aluminum, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic (plastic canteen, not mess kit unless you like plastic soup) are the best materials to choose from. To ensure a satisfying experience, pay attention to the capacity and weight of the item. Efficiently packing your mess kit will save space while providing easy access to all necessary utensils in the field.

9. Field Shirts

The functionality, reinforced construction, and sustainability of military field shirts make them a popular pick for anyone looking for cost-effective and reliable shirts. Designed for active use and demanding physical tasks, field shirts are suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities and also casual everyday wear. And even pretty formal if your wardrobe only consists of coveralls.

When choosing a field shirt, consider the fabric composition and thickness to match your climate and activity level. Make sure that the pockets are ample and well-placed for added storage.

10. Tarp or Shelter Half

Versatile and resistant to challenging weather conditions, military tarps and shelter halves provide protection against the elements - soldier level, not princess level. They are also easy to set up, making them ideal for camping, emergency shelters, and outdoor events such as music festivals (if you don't need privacy). One creative use is turning a tarp into a makeshift ground cover for picnics.

When choosing a tarp or shelter half, look for features like reinforced grommets and durable materials. Military tarps and shelter halves often come in camouflage patterns, adding extra utility with camouflage nets included. To maximize lifespan, always clean and dry your tarp after use.

To Summarize

With their versatile nature and historical significance, military surplus products are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, military history buffs, and fashion-conscious individuals.

These products are known for their tough construction, practical features, and cost-effectiveness. They meet strict government standards, ensuring high quality and endurance. Military surplus items are great for a variety of outdoor activities, emergency preparedness, and everyday use, providing reliable gear that can endure harsh conditions and heavy use.

So don't just stay seated reading this article! Rather pull your socks up and get ready to browse the best among the best military surplus collection right here. We deliver all over the world and offer brutally honest product descriptions so you know what you pay for.

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