How to attach MOLLE – and what does it even mean?

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In the world of military and outdoor gear, two acronyms, MOLLE and PALS, play a crucial role in ensuring versatility and functionality. Let's take a good gander at what MOLLE and PALS attachment systems are, their history, and how they are used – how to attach MOLLE.

A Brief History of MOLLE and PALS and their synergy

In the late '90s, the U.S. military recognized the need for a more adaptable and modular gear system – enter MOLLE. What does MOLLE stand for? It stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This system introduced a novel approach to gear customization, replacing traditional straps with a webbing structure that allowed for secure and flexible attachment of pouches, holsters, and other accessories.

PALS, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System, is the grid of webbing that forms the foundation of MOLLE. It provides a standardized platform for attaching gear and accessories, creating a versatile and customizable loadout.

How does MOLLE actually work?

How does MOLLE work? MOLLE and PALS are like a pair of seasoned battle buddies. MOLLE represents the ability to customize your gear, while PALS provides the structure and stability for this customization to happen seamlessly. PALS acts as a grid of webbing, creating a platform where you can securely attach your gear based on your specific needs.


In short but more technical terms: MOLLE items have 1" wide straps on the back, which are threaded through the 1" gaps in perpendicular PALS webbing in an over-under style. First you put the strap under the PALS strap, then through the loop in your MOLLE item, then again under the PALS strap, and so on. Finally you put the (usually stiffened) end of the strap back in the PALS webbing from the underside or your MOLLE item, depending on how the strap aligns in the end.

Quit being a fudd, and get on the gear train already!

Why are MOLLE and PALS so important?

How to use MOLLE, and why should you care: The beauty of MOLLE and PALS is their adaptability. Whether you're in the military, law enforcement, or simply heading out for an outdoor adventure, these systems allow you to configure your gear with precision. Need to add a pouch? It's a straightforward process. Require extra space for a canteen or flashlight in your backpack? MOLLE and PALS have you covered, just slip those bad boys on through the attachment loops and you're ready to go. Or conversely: If you need to go all high speed, low drag, you can drop off some of your pouches for the time being.

A bona fide Smorgasbord for Geardos

The MOLLE and PALS system is a geardo’s dream. They offer the flexibility to mix and match, swap out components, and tailor your loadout to meet your demands. MOLLE and PALS are the backbone of modern gear connoisseurs’ customization process. They have revolutionized the way we carry equipment, providing control, adaptability, and organization. Whether you're in a tactical situation or exploring the great outdoors, MOLLE and PALS are simply the best way to carry your gear with you. The fact that you can easily take apart and modify your loadout means you can hoard even more gear to choose from!