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ASP Turbo USB flashlight


120.99 USD 260.99 USD

The name Turbo already tells you what kind of torch this one is. It truly illuminates your path in the dark with a max of 780 lumens. It's also durable, thanks to high-quality materials. One-off lot from the dead stock of Inttistore Ltd.!

Jetboil MicroMo Stove, Carbon

Jetboil MicroMo Stove, Carbon RELEASED TODAY

154.99 USD

Jetboils are no longer just portable rapid boil kettles! If you want to actually cook food instead of rehydrating a dry meal pack, you're in luck. The MicroMo features a regulated valve and simmer control, and still manages to save weight and space in your pack.

BW earplug case, surplus

BW earplug case, surplus RELEASED TODAY

3.99 USD

Are you bothered by all kinds of noise in your daily life? Keep this magic case with you to help escape reality without pills! Also pretty good for keeping the ear plugs together instead of just stuffing them in your pocket.

US bag, valuable, surplus

US bag, valuable, surplus RELEASED TODAY

7.99 USD

Here's a neat little green bag from the US army! The bag says it's valuable, but we think the contents might be worth more - depends what you put in it!

BH-kyynelkaasukotelo L/MK4

BH-kyynelkaasukotelo L/MK4 RELEASED TODAY

15.99 USD

If you want a traditional looking and high performance chemical agent case, this is the must-have for you. It is lightweight, durable and disinfective. And the price is super cheap!

ASP double handcuff case

ASP double handcuff case RELEASED TODAY

23.99 USD

You can trust that ASP knows how to make stuff for law enforcers. This double cuff case is no exception. These are durable, reliable and they look great!

Volksmarine Pea Coat, navy blue, surplus

Volksmarine Pea Coat, navy blue, surplus RELEASED TODAY

58.99 USD

What the hell! Judging from this Pea Coat they DID have colours in East Germany! This traditional sailor's coat is made of happy blue wool fabric, with suitably dull brass buttons. We haven't seen too many of these around, so it's quite possible these will not be available for long.

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Varusteleka Facebook posts Show more FACEBOOK Are your other backpacks a little too small for your needs, but you don't want to upgrade to a rucksack? Well we have the solution for you! These should arrive during week 13. The brown version is just a tad late, and should arrive around week 19. Sometimes the runt of the litter grows up right before your eyes: our Särmä Assault Pack has been in our selection for years, and it's no doubt familiar to many of you. After a long and arduous stint in product development, honed by user experiences, our backpack has become one of the best in its price range. Now we've gone and made a bigger one. Neither of these is better than the other, rather they each fulfill a particular slot in a user's daily needs. Sometimes you need a compact backpack, and sometimes you need one that can carry a lot more. Our Särmä large assault pack fills the latter slot, but still retains the normal assault pack's features. All of you frequent flyers out there will be glad to know that this backpack fits the carry-on requirements for many airlines, and if you tighten all of the straps then it will probably fit all of them. In general, the shape and size are perfect for all of you traveling light! TECHNICAL SPECS:: Total volume: about 35 liters External measurements: 51 x 33 x 29 cm Main compartment: 51 x 29 x 16 cm Large external compartment: 29 x 24 x 6 cm Small external compartment: 13 x 24 x 5 cm Material: 1000D polyester, waterproof PU-coating Weight: about 1.5 kg Price 39.99€