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Winner winner, chicken dinner! We asked you for your opinion and we got it: in the Ladies Common Jeans vote, skinny jeans beat straight-legged jeans 2-1! However, this doesn't mean that skinny will definitely be the new cut for our Ladies Common Jeans, because it's not that simple. Our designers are currently scratching their heads and trying to think if we can make proper skinny jeans happen. If skinny jeans for some reason aren't possible, then bootcut is still on the (quite shaky) table. You'll hear more about this in 2020! PS: We noticed that there were quite a few gentlemen that took part in the vote. You'll be buying a pair once they come out, right?
Hey gang! Greetings from the other other side of the pond! Alex Kwa, a fashion and design enthusiast living in Tokyo, gave his opinion about our Windproof Smock. In black, of course.
20 years ago, we were struck by a hit song, a song that rocked the eardrums of our nation and carried on conquering the world: Darude - Sandstrom! A Finnish radio station HitMix is going to play the song 24/7 on today, 15th of November and we couldn't resist throwing in our 2 cents as well! Our walk-in store's audio system isn't able to loop the original song for the whole day, but we will do our best to play it as much as we can! So, all the people of the World, roll that C-cassette - This is pretty much Finland's second national anthem!

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