Woodsknife Traditional puukko 77, dark

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Woodsknife Traditional puukko 77, dark
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Woodsknife Traditional puukko 105, dark

Woodsknife Traditional puukko 105, dark

45.99 USD

The Puukko. Need we say more? Okay, the traditional Finnish knife used for everything - woodworks, eating, playing catch and killing your brother. This one has a 105 mm long blade, perfect all around size for most jobs including splitting firewood.

Woodsknife Big Leuku 180

Woodsknife Big Leuku 180

72.99 USD

A leuku is a traditional larger outdoors knife used in Finland for ages, it's used for those jobs that require less finesse, chopping stuff and carving sticks into stakes etc. This "Big" leuku is truly worh its name, the blade measures a full 180 mm giving it excellent chopping power for heavy use!

Woodsknife Wiking 1 62

Woodsknife Wiking 1 62

20.99 USD

A medieval style mini-knife, this type of minimalistic blade is good for any small tasks and is great paired up with a larger knife. Made from high carbon steel, same as all other Woodsknife puukko´s.

Terävä Skrama, carbon steel

Terävä Skrama, carbon steel

58.99 - 84.99 USD

The Skrama is a versatile heavy duty bush knife - a tool that builds shelters, chops firewood and even carves feather sticks! If you're taking just one knife into the bush the Skrama is a viable option. This is naturally no axe, nor a precision tool for extremely meticulous work, but something in between and a solid and dependable companion above all.

Woodsknife & Tommi Mäkelä Pukkilan Jaska puukko

Woodsknife & Tommi Mäkelä Pukkilan Jaska puukko

90.99 USD

A one-off, limited edition puukko made in cooperation by Harri Merimaa of Woodsknife and Tommi Mäkelä of Laurin Metalli. The Pukkilan Jaska is a neat little thing, although this is clearly a thing of beauty it´s still a tool and works great in all kinds of general smaller tasks from whittling to food preparation, that is if you don´t mind your limited edition puukko showing some signs and marks of life. Numbered limited edition!

The Puukko. Need we say more? Okay, the traditional Finnish knife used for everything - woodworks, eating, playing catch and killing your brother. With a blade length of 77 mm this one is as traditional as it gets, great for wood carving and everything else that an axe is too big for.

Puukko is the thing we won the Winter War with, among other things. It's the ultimate knife for everything. This is no shit actually - the secret being that puukko is not made to look imposing, but to help you in daily life. It's small, easy to carry and the blade is well suited for woodworking and other small chores.

Carbon steel blade and curly birch handle. The sheath is of the traditional Finnish style, wet formed leather, fitting snugly over the handle. 4-6 cm wide belt hanger.

These type of traditional knives have been around for ages, and for a reason: they are rugged, simple and practical. They have been used as weapons almost as much as everyday tools, at least in the past. Still today they are an essential piece of kit for any outdoors enthusiast. What makes a traditional puukko and leuku special compared to modern blades is that they have no saw-edge bullshit, or anything like that - you have a simple, strong and sharp carbon steel blade with a wooden handle. This truly is all you need, if you know how to use it.

Carbon steel is good stuff for knives, but without proper care it can rust. Always clean and dry off the blade after use and remember to oil it now and then (any cooking oil will do just fine).

Made by Harri Merimaa / Woodsknife Oy, made in Finland. Check out the detailed pictorial step-by-step breakdown of the manufacturing process on his website: "Puukontekovaiheet ja tietoa terästä".

Warning! Before buying, please make sure that these are legal to import to your country! We take no responsibility if the customs officer confiscates your precious bayonet/knife/machete! These are perfectly legal in Finland and that is all we are interested in.

Woodsknife video

This is where puukkos come from!

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The best knife I have ever owned in my 60 years - for everything. kitchen, letter-opener, rough work in shop, cutting up wapiti, everything. Holds an edge better than any knife I've had, not too soft, not too hard. Sturdy, well made, the large handle makes work only more accurate & controlled. An excellent sturdy leather case. I take it everywhere.
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