Woodsknife forest

79.99 EUR
Woodsknife forest
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Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone
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Wästikivi Eräkivi whetstone

12.99 EUR

A rough translation of "Eräkivi" would be "wilderness stone", and that's exactly what this is - sized for easy carry, this little buddy is always ready to keep your blades in shape out in the wilderness. Size 120 x 30 x 10 mm. Made from natural Finnish phyllite, the same stuff that our ancestors used since they first invented a knife that needed maintenance. Naturally due to the natural nature of the stone these don't follow any man made grit values, but that doesn't really matter since each and every Wästikivi will surely keep your blade sharp!

Särmä Finnish M36 field cap, repro

Särmä Finnish M36 field cap, repro

39.99 EUR

Looking for the best reproduction of the Finnish "Blood Scoop" ever made? Look no further, these are made in Germany by an old headwear manufacturer! Needless to say, the quality is absurdly good.

A sturdy, large knife. As the name implies, this is sort of a general purpose blade. Add an axe and you're pretty much set for anything. Quality stuff made right here in Finland!

Carbon steel blade and curly birch handle. Total length 25 cm, blade length 12 cm, thickness 3 mm. The sheath is of the traditional Finnish style, wet formed leather, fitting snugly over the handle. 4-6 cm wide belt hanger.

These type of traditional knives have been around for ages, and for a reason: they are rugged, simple and practical. They have been used as weapons almost as much as everyday tools, at least in the past. Still today they are an essential piece of kit for any outdoors enthusiast. What makes a traditional puukko and leuku special compared to modern blades is that they have no saw-edge bullshit, or anything like that - you have a simple, strong and sharp carbon steel blade with a wooden handle. This truly is all you need, if you know how to use it.

Carbon steel is good stuff for knives, but without proper care it can rust. Always clean and dry off the blade after use and remember to oil it now and then (any cooking oil will do just fine).

We sell puukkos and leukus from two different makers, Woodsknife and Kauhavan Puukkopaja. Both use blades made by Laurin Metalli and the sheaths are pretty much identical. The difference is in the finish and handle design: Kauhavan Puukkopaja knives are overall less polished and made with the very most traditional handle designs ever. Woodsknife pushes the envelope a bit further with very nice finishing touches and personalized handle designs that differ a bit from what you commonly see. Putting finishing touches aside both perform equally well as tools - think about your specific needs in finish and blade size and choose the model that suits you best!

Made by Harri Merimaa / Woodsknife Oy, made in Finland. Check out the detailed pictorial step-by-step breakdown of the manufacturing process on his website: "Puukontek ovaiheet ja tietoa terästä".

Warning! Before buying, please make sure that these are legal to import to your country! We take no responsibility if the customs officer confiscates your precious bayonet/knife/machete! These are perfectly legal in Finland and that is all we are interested in.

Woodsknife video

This is where puukkos come from!

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