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Woodsknife Forest 120

Woodsknife Forest 120

Price 77.99 USD excluding VAT

A sturdy, large knife. As the name implies, this is sort of a general-purpose blade. Add an ax and you're pretty much set for anything. Quality stuff made right here in Finland!

  • In stock 21 pcs. Also available in our walk-in store. Sold 4 pcs in the last two weeks.
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A sturdy, large knife. As the name implies, this is sort of a general-purpose blade. Add an ax and you're pretty much set for anything. Quality stuff made right here in Finland!

Carbon steel blade and curly birch handle. The sheath is of the traditional Finnish style, wet formed leather, fitting snugly over the handle. 4-6 cm / 1.6" - 2.4" wide belt hanger.

  • Blade length 12 cm / 4.7"
  • Blade thickness 3 mm / 0.1"
  • Total length 25 cm / 9.8"

These types of traditional knives have been around for ages, and for a reason: they are rugged, simple and practical. They have been used as weapons almost as much as everyday tools, at least in the past. Still today they are an essential piece of kit for any outdoors enthusiast. What makes a traditional puukko and leuku special compared to modern blades is that they have no saw-edge bullshit or anything like that - you have a simple, strong, and sharp carbon steel blade with a wooden handle. This truly is all you need, if you know how to use it.

Carbon steel is good stuff for knives, but without proper care it can rust. Always clean and dry off the blade after use and remember to oil it now and then (any cooking oil will do just fine).

Made by Harri Merimaa / Woodsknife Oy, made in Finland.

Warning! Before buying, please make sure that these are legal to import to your country! We take no responsibility if the customs officer confiscates your precious bayonet/knife/machete!


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4.67 / 5
3 ratings
I would recommend for a friend

I was looking forward to getting one of these, and I am slightly disappointed. The blade looks as though the tip had been snapped off in the forging, and where it was re-ground is uneven. The micro-bevels were uneven, and re-introducing a proper scandi grind with no micro bevels has improved the knife no end! The handle is beautifully made, but needed a coat of linseed oil to properly finish it off. A beautiful knife, but it feels like it is only 90% finished. The sheath is lovely, hangs off the belt beautifully.
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I would recommend for a friend

I like this knife.

I'm a knife nut. Ive got a bunch of folders, as well as fixed blades. Everything from Benchmade to Terävä.

This knife is as close to my ideal as I've found so far. Good easy to maintain Scandi grind, blade is not too long, but also not to short. I've got large hands (10" span) and this isn't an uncomfortable knife to use. Most US market deer knives are too small, and useless for anything but hunting. This knife strikes what is to me the best balance between bushcraft and practicality. Backpacking, it'll be tough to decide between this and the Skrama. I probably lean towards thew Woodsknife, I'm partial to wood handles... (Modern materials be damned, they may be "better" but I still love wood on a knife or a rifle...)
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I would recommend for a friend

Just got it today and this is a beautiful blade. Sharp as shit and sturdy like a german barmaid. Very well made and a classic look. I would give it 10 stars if i could!
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