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Wildo Camp-A-Box dining kit

Wildo Camp-A-Box dining kit

Price 19.99 USD excluding VAT

This Swedish made camping mess kit includes all plates, cups etc. you need to make every meal in the outdoors just as fancy as at home!

  • In stock 32 pcs. Sold 10 pcs in the last two weeks.
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This Swedish made camping mess kit includes all plates, cups etc. you need to make every meal in the outdoors just as fancy as at home!

Includes seven pieces:

  • Two deep "plates"
  • A large fold-a-cup
  • A small fold-a-cup
  • A Spork
  • A cutting board
  • A spice container

The whole kit packs inside itself, measuring 19 x 13 x 8 cm / 7.5" x 5" x 3" and weighing 255 grams or 90 oz.

Made from high quality BPA-free plastic!

Made by Wildo of Sweden.


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4.25 / 5
8 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

04.06.2017 (Edited 04.06.2017)
Hyvä setti ja helppo pitää mukana. Lusikka-haarukka on typerän kokoinen ja heivasin sen menemään, korvaten toisella SPORKilla
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I would recommend for a friend

Muuten hyvä kompaktiin kokoon menevä ja kestävä setti, mutta lusikkahaarukkaveitsikombo on todella leveä lusikkaosaltaan. Siihen kun on ynnätty terävä veitsireuna, on suupielet lähes auki kun innolla lappaa nälkäänsä.
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I would recommend for a friend

Lusikkahaarukka on mahdollisesti vähän sporkia kestävämpi, mutta se kannattaa heivata mäkeen. Ostamisen arvoisen tästä tekevät muut osat, varsinkin:

sirotin: merisuolaa, valkosipulijauhetta ja muita tärkeitä elämää parantavia aineita kulkee yhdessä putkilossa mukana. Tätä tulee käytettyä eniten. Kulkee sotkematta taskussa mukana. Ja annas olla niitä kateellisia ilmeitä, kun syödään valtion tarjoamaa metsäruokaa, josta on unohtunut maku ja meikäläinen sirottaa makua päälle. Jos näitä löydän yksittäin myytynä, niin ostan heti lisää eri käyttötarkoituksiin.

Muovikuksat: kaksi kappaletta kahdensuuruiseen janoon. Nämä ovat ruotsalaisia eivätkä kopioita itämailta, eli kestävät käyttöäkin.

Itse rasia: ei mikään pakin vetoinen, mutta toimii hätäisimpänä ruokasäilönä, jos ei muuta ole saatavilla.
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I would recommend for a friend

21.06.2018 (Edited 21.06.2018)
The only bad thing about this is that you can't cook in it (obviusly), but other than that, it's an awesome set. This and a metal cup+canteen combo, and you can pretty much handle most situations.

Altough im used to, and very fond of, oldschool heavy mess kits, this is a nice alternative for 1 day light hikes, for work, going to places you know there will be already a big bowl of cooked food, etc.

Quality is great. Oh, and yeah, in the set i got, the cutting board and spice container were not white, like the pictures show, but dark brownish-black, which, in my opinion goes much better with the OD green.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Very versatile and clever addition to any camping-/outdoor cook-set. Packs in a quite small and handy package and provides you with everything you need, except the pot to cook in. High quality and durable. Sure, you'll scratch the plastic if you cut something in it, but not as bad as you'd might expect.
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I would recommend for a friend

Just got this Camp-a-box set, and I am very happy to have got it as it is sold out in many places, my only little gripe is that it did not come completely as pictured, the cutting board and shaker are not white, they are the same Black/OD as the rest of the set. That's likely how Wildo are making them these days, but I would have preferred the white for the cutting board, and for the spice container as it is easier to see what you're doing/see how much spice you have in the container with the white/transparent plastic compared to the black and OD. Other than that minor detail am very happy with the set!
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I would recommend for a friend

I think the other reviews have covered pretty much everything thing. mine also came with the cutting board and Spicer OD color. It doesn't really bother me
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