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Wästikivi Iso Pöytäkivi sharpening stone

Wästikivi Iso Pöytäkivi sharpening stone

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A large table stone (Iso Pöytäkivi = Large Table stone) for serious sharpening at home or workshop. With this you can sharpen large knives too. Size 200 x 60 x 20 mm.

Made from natural Finnish phyllite, the same stuff that our ancestors used since they first invented a knife that needed maintenance. Naturally, due to the natural nature of the stone, these don't follow any man-made grit values, but each and every Wästikivi will surely keep your blade sharp!

Instructions of use, as found on the product package:

Moisten the stone with water. Using circular movements, grind both sides of the blade in the direction of the angle of the blade. A knife which is blunter than usual requires stronger handling. The mud emerging on the top of the stone helps the finishing process. Use plenty of water when sharpening harder and blunter blades.

Finally, grind the knife in straight strokes from both sides in a slightly steeper angle than when sharpening the blade (as if you are attempting to carve steel shavings). Remember to use the stone often, so that the blade does not become very blunt.

Made by Wästikivi Ltd in Orivesi, Finland.


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