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US Wool Glove Inserts, Surplus

US Wool Glove Inserts, Surplus

Price 5.99 USD excluding VAT

US issue woolen glove inserts. Will work alone or under the leather gloves as liners.

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US issue woolen glove inserts. Will work alone or under the leather gloves as liners.

If you need only the basics, here's a pair of good woolen gloves. The American approach is simple, but smart - whatever way you pull these on, they sit right. No hassle with left or right gloves!

Material and care

Made of a mixture of wool and Nylon. The percentages vary a bit depending on when the gloves were made, but it's usually at least 70% wool. Machine wash in 40 degrees Celsius.

Genuine GI surplus

These are unissued US army surplus, of course just stored for a long time.


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I would recommend for a friend

These are not Dachstien boiled wool gloves @ $70 USD. They are an inexpensive liner best used under a leather or synthetic shell. But even as a stand alone glove they are well worth the modest price. Buy a few with watch caps, slip into your coat pockets and ruck for emergency spares or for sleeping while your day gear dries out. I keep sharing mine with homeless people.
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I would recommend for a friend

Sizes run VERY large. Size 4 medium could easily fit size large hands. Tossed mine in the wash, will report later on results of shrinkage.
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I would recommend for a friend

07.03.2020 (Edited 10.07.2020)
Mukavat aluslapaset mihin tahansa hanskoihin tai kintaisiin, ja lämmittävät sellaisenaankin yllättävän hyvin. Kudos ei ala irvistelemään tai purkautumaan. Sen verran halpoja ja pieneen tilaan mahtuvia että näitä voi ostaa vaikka useamman parin varahanskoiksi.
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