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US MSS / IMSS Patrol Sleeping Bag, surplus

US MSS / IMSS Patrol Sleeping Bag, surplus

Price 48.99 USD excluding VAT

The US Army modular sleeping bag system is among the best there is. This is the outer Patrol bag and can be used alone in warmer weather.

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The US Army modular sleeping bag system is among the best there is. This is the outer Patrol bag and can be used alone in warmer weather.

About the whole system

Meant to be usable in any environment or weather, the US Army modular sleeping bag system has it all. The innermost bag is the Intermediate bag, and it is attached to the inside of the Patrol bag. If waterproofing or additional protection is required, a Gore-tex bivy cover will snap on top of the whole thing. The intermediate bag alone offers tolerable sleeping conditions for up to -10°C / 14°F, the Patrol bag to 10°C / 50°F, and with the whole deal, the system should provide comfort for up to -30°C/-22°F. The modularity has the added benefit of capturing insulating layers of air between the bags.

This particular item

This is the Patrol bag, which is a good choice for summer use down to 10°C/50°F and does not take much space. The outer material is 70-denier nylon fabric, and the stuffing is polyester, which dries pretty quickly if it gets wet.

The bag closes with a heavy-duty zipper and has a large hood. The zipper can be opened from both ends, so if required, the feet can have some air too in warm weather. The zipper is accompanied by snap fasteners, to which the other components can be attached.

Size and care

The bag is about 229 cm / 7' 6" long, suitable for people up to 185 cm / 6' 1", and weighs about 1 kg.

Washing sleeping bags should generally be done as little as possible. If the need arises, do it at 40C / 104°F. However, we suggest using a separate inner cloth liner bag to essentially remove the need to wash the main sleeping bag. If the bag gets wet or is washed, open the zipper and hang dry.

Used army surplus

These are used but in nice, clean, and serviceable condition. Being used, we can't guarantee the condition of each and every snap fastener. Generally, there are quite enough of them intact to attach other sleeping bag parts securely.

No stuff sack included!


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I would recommend for a friend

Tilasin vihreän pussin. Kun se saapui, niin ihmettelin siinä olevaa branditin lippuläpyskää. Eikö tämä ollutkaan aitoa ylijäämää? Sitten paljastui, että jalkopään vetoketjun vedin oli hajalla jo tullessa, minkä lisäksi vetoketju muutenkin oli jotenkin oudolla syheröllä sieltä, eli ei sitten anneta pussissa muhiville jalkaparoille happea. Väri ja jotkin yksityiskohdat olivat myös erilaisia kuin myymälässä olleessa mallikappaleessa (tilasin aikanaan postitse). Olin kahden vaiheilla, että palautanko tämän, mutta jahkailuun meni lopulta liikaa aikaa. Ja kyllä tämä ainakin sisämajoituksessa on yllättävänkin lämmin. Kyllä tätä kai tulee harjoituksissa kannettua mukana. Ja olen muutenkin ihan ihme maanantaikappalemagneetti silloin kun ostan jotain niin etten pääse omin kätösin valkkaamaan, joten tällaiseen on jo tottunut.
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I would recommend for a friend

Good summer bag. Don't bother with the USGI compression bag. Instead, buy a British Jungle Bag stuff sack and stuff it in. Football sized sleep system!
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I would recommend for a friend

03.04.2019 (Edited 06.04.2019)
Have one of the earlier (green) ones. They're pretty good for summer. Not the warmest, but they're light. Not the lightest or most packable either, but the price is definitely right.

Some clarification on the differences between the two models (green and grey): They're both made for the same temperature rating, but the green ones are the older model they're slightly shorter than the newer grey ones. You won't notice that because the patrol bag is very loose-fitting, but the grey ones are also lighter and more packable than the green ones despite being longer due to the use of more modern insulation.
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I would recommend for a friend

Hyvin toimii kolmen vuodenajan untuvapussin päällä lisälämpönä.
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I would recommend for a friend

Loistava makuupussi. Toimii niin etelä suomen lämmössä kun lapin sääskien keskellä. Ostamani pussi oli hyväkuntoinen lukuunottamatta pieni varaston käry mikä lähti pesulla pois
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don p. 13.08.2019
is the whole system included (intermediate bag + patrol bag) ?
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Rich M. 21.08.2019
Hello from Thailand!!!!

Just received my Green patrol sleeping bag. Its in excellent condition - couldn't be happier about this product. Together with a down sleeping bag, this system should rock. The only thing missing is the Gortex bag cover.

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