US Modular sleeping bag system, surplus

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US Modular sleeping bag system, surplus
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The US Army modular sleeping bag complex is still a very good system for the buck. Here's the whole package: the Intermediate Bag, Patrol Bag, Gore-Tex Bivy Cover and the compression sack.

Note: Some of the Intermediate bags are Foliage Green. We do not separate them from the black bags, as the only difference is the colour.

Meant to be usable in any environment or weather, the US Army modular sleeping bag system has it all. The innermost bag is the black Intermediate bag, and it is buttoned inside the outer green Patrol bag. If waterproofing or additional protection is required, a Gore-Tex bivy cover will snap on top of the whole thing. The intermediate bag alone offers tolerable sleeping conditions officially for up to -10 degrees Celsius, the Patrol bag to 10 degrees Celsius, and with the whole deal, the system should provide comfort for up to -30 degrees. The modularity has the added benefit of "capturing" insulating layers of air between the bags.

The green Patrol bag is a good choice for summer use and does not take much space either. The outer material is 70-denier nylon fabric, and the stuffing is polyester, which does not absorb too much moisture and dries pretty quickly if it gets wet. It closes with a heavy duty zipper, and has a large hood. The zipper can be opened from both ends, so if required, the feet can have some air too in warm weather. The zipper is accompanied by snap fasteners, to which the other components can be attached. The patrol bag is 229 cm long.

The Intermediate bag is quite similar, but black, thicker, and has a double insulating in the feet. It also features a slight tightening around the chest area to prevent cold air from entering the bag from the hood opening. The intermediate bag is 216 cm long.

For wet weather the bivy cover can be used. Although meant for this system, it can still be used with most other sleeping bags, as it is quite large. It offers good waterproofing capabilities and a bit of extra insulation while still letting moisture out.

The bags attach to each other with snap fasteners and can be used in whatever way you like. Like said before, this is a modular system. The combined weight of the bags, bivvy and compression sack is 3,9 kg.

Also included is the compression sack.

Genuine army surplus

Used, but in good serviceable condition. No bananas inside. This is an affordable choice for a year-round sleeping system, suitable almost every temperature and weather imaginable, and probably beats every civilian bag in durability.

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I would recommend for a friend
I would recommend for a friend
Loistava makuupussi. Autossa aina mukana. Talviöitä nukuttu muutama. Ei palele. Ja baarikierroksen jälkeen on helppo ryömiä hiacenkonttiin nukkumaan.
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Muutoin tässä jenkkipussissa ei ole moitittavaa, mutta oman kokemukseni mukaan tämä on pilattu sivuvetoketjulla. Omassa
kokeilussani sivuvetskarin ergonomiset ominaisuudet olivat huonot; nimittäin viimeiset 20cm vetskaria oli mahdoton saada kiinni,
koska se sijaitsee niin hankalasti olkapään sivussa ja siksi möin pussin pois ja nyt on tilalla Savotan makkari.
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