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US M-1941 Mountain Rucksack #1

US M-1941 Mountain Rucksack #1

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A real deal M-1941 Mountain Rucksack. A surprisingly anatomic thing for its age. Dated 1941.

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A real deal M-1941 Mountain Rucksack. A surprisingly anatomic thing for its age. Dated 1941.

The American solutions for carrying the stuff a soldier needs in the field were either the horrible Haversack or an assortment of acquired pouches and bags. The mountain troops, however, got issued not only real down sleeping bags, but real fucking rucksacks too, both which were a rarity during the Second World War. This pack is very pleasing to look at, it has that ol' canvas charm to it.


Otherwise in damn fine shape, but there's a tear next to the M-1910 wire hanger attachment and the waist strap metal hook is broken. However it can be replaced, and the tear can be too. Otherwise this looks like it could be actually used.


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