US LBV-E, Woodland, surplus

25.99 USD
US LBV-E, Woodland, surplus
Price 25.99 USD. In stock 1 pcs. Saatavana käytettynä! Last in stock Products in stock are also available in our walk-in store.
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Dutch MOLLE pouch, grenade, DPM, surplus

Dutch MOLLE pouch, grenade, DPM, surplus

12.99 USD

In addition to being good pieces of kit, the Dutch modular system is dirt cheap. The price doesn't reflect quality: this is proper army issue built to last. This one's for carrying a grenade.

MFH SAAV M83 combat vest

MFH SAAV M83 combat vest

39.99 USD

When we were young and virile, we used to play airsoft wearing these copies of the South African apartheid era combat vests. No wonder - good price, loads of pockets and comfortable to wear.

Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chestig

Mil-Tec Mag Carrier Chestig

19.99 USD

A very simple chestrig, designed to carry magazines and magazines only. The simple construction means that the price ain't too bad either! This basic chestrig is just like the old Chicom AK-rigs, but modernized. Four large magazine pouches, and two pistol mag pouches with adjustable flaps. The large pouches each take most normal assault rifle magazine, including most 7,62x51 mm mags. Two M16 mags can be stuffed in with some force. By stretching the pouch this can be made much easier if necessary. Two MP5 mags will also fit with ease. The pistol mag pouches take in most single-stack and at least 9mm double-stack mags and short MP5 mags. All pouches close with thick velcro flaps and feature drain holes on the bottom.

US MOLLE II FLC vest, surplus

US MOLLE II FLC vest, surplus

39.99 - 59.99 USD

The official US Army MOLLE FLC II, genuine surplus. Essentially a modern light combat vest with as much carrying capacity as can be crammed in. Used issue kit.

An improved version of the LBV-88, with slanted magazine pouches and breathable mesh in place of nylon fabric. A real man's combat vest!

The IIFS (Individual Integrated Fighting System) was adopted in 1988 to replace and complement the ALICE system and is in limited use even today. All-new items in the IIFS were the combat vest, rucksack and day pack. This combat vest has been designed to be used together with an LC-3 belt, which is to be equipped with water canteens and pouches for additional magazines.

Features four magazine pouches for six M16 magazines, two grenade pouches, good adjustments in every direction, and ten belt loops for LC2/3 pistol belts. Basically, this vest acts rather like a set of suspenders (but with a realtively huge carrying capacity), with the main load carried on the belt. An excellent design, yet quickly superceded by the MOLLE-system.

For those not too keen on MOLLE, this "vest" is lightweight, has easily accessible pouches, and as it does not cover the entire upper body, it doesn't boil you in your own sweat. This is also helped by using mesh construction wherever possible.

US army surplus

Used but in perfectly serviceable condition.

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Didn’t purchase one here but I was issued one back in the day. It’s a really good system and in some ways better than molle. It bears the weight well and will hold lots of mags. Not as hot as the molle system , if a little fussy on initial set up. Guys with fat necks complained that the shoulder pads would rub on their neck, I never experienced that though. It’s modular in that you can hack stuff on to it with 550 cord, or stuff on the belt. You could even mix molle and Alice that way. . You can ride in vehicles because nothing is on your back unless you add the ass pack . I wore it in Panama and it wasn’t uncomfortable.
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