US kneepads, Alta, Multicam, surplus

US kneepads, Alta, Multicam, surplus

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A good basic set of knee protectors. Alta was THE SHIT some time ago, we remember.

Made of durable cordura with meshy & padded insides. Cups made of very flexible plastic.

Top strap elastic, lower strap is not. Adjustable for all sizes.

Genuine US Army kit

These are all ex-US Army issue and used. Not necessarily original factory pairs.

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19.05.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)

My brother gave me several sets of these for Christmas immediately after his military service ended, and they are EASILY the best kneepads I have ever owned. They are relatively quick to adjust, but have a bad habit of continually sliding downwards to cover your shins if you spend a lot of time walking around in them. They`re easy to pull back up and tighten down again. After I received them I wore my sets so much that I started to feel like I had them on even when I didn`t, and that wasn`t a bad thing! I gave a few sets out as gifts, but kept a set (elbowpads too) for my own enjoyment. I used them as protection while roofing a house several months ago, and while cleaning up storm debris on a cliffside home before that in addition to regular running and gunning. These things kick ass!
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