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US FRACU pants, Multicam, surplus

US FRACU pants, Multicam, surplus

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Real deal used FRACU uniform trousers straight from the US Army warehouses. A damn good pair of combat trousers! These are Multicamouflaged and are made of the considerably expensive TenCate Defender M fabric. Otherwise these are your standard ACU-trousers, which isn't a bad thing.

The trousers have two front pockets, two back pockets, two cargo pockets and small ankle pockets. The cargo pockets are huge and can be tightened with an elastic band. All pockets, except the front pockets, are closed with velcro flaps. All in all the cut is well thought out and very practical. FRACU means Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform.


Made of no less than fire resistant, self-extinguishing TenCate Defender M. Proven in combat and saved many a soldier from burns, it should serve anyone pretty well. If we were to sell this fabric new, it would cost nearly 40 EUR per metre. The fabric has Permethrin-based insect protection and NIR protection. Material 65% FR rayon, 25% Para-aramid, 10% Nylon.

Although the garment can be washed in 40 degrees Celsius, civilian washing might hamper the effectiveness of said treatments. However, the US Army tells us that these treatments remain effective for 25 washings. Washed inside out. Do not iron. Hang dry.

Size info

Explanation for most sizes can be found in the US trouser size chart.

In the brackets you can see the user's recommended height and waist in centimetres.

Genuine US issue!

Yes! Not that we love the USA and everything it does, but damn their stuff is good. These are used and in excellent condition, washed once or twice at most. Because they only issue new stuff to the soldiers, these have been liquidated.


US FRACU jacket, Multicam, surplus

US FRACU jacket, Multicam, surplus

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I would recommend for a friend

Good product, probably unissued; as there are no signs of wear on it.
Great quality.
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I would recommend for a friend

18.10.2018 (Edited 18.10.2018)
Parhaat housut, päällä mukavat, ei hierrä, ei kierrä, melkeen kun ilman, mutta paremmat ja myös näyttää siltä, istuukkin niissä voi, lämpimät viileällä, kuumalla vilposet, eikä tuulekkaan puhurit isommin läpi. Pysyi punkeitta kesän. Pois pysyi myös muut loiset.

Ostin äsken toiset!

Molemmat oli korkkaamattomat, poksautin siis tuplat!
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