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US ALICE Pistol Belt, Surplus

US ALICE Pistol Belt, Surplus

Price 13.99 USD excluding VAT

Used US Army ALICE Pistol belts. Accept no substitute, trust the real deal.

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Used US Army ALICE Pistol belts. Accept no substitute, trust the real deal.

Made from thick nylon webbing, the ALICE belt is a really durable belt worn over the clothes: it is certainly not a trouser belt, although British CS95 trousers have big enough belt loops for these. The top and bottom have rows of metal eyelets for attaching suspender hooks, appropriate pouches, or DIY solutions to hang stuff on the belt.

A mixed lot of LC2 and LC3 models, these just have a slightly different looking buckle and that's it. We won't differentiate, both are just as good. Meant as an equipment belt, this is very strong and accepts not only ALICE kit, but M-1910 wire hanger stuff as well.

Size info

Comes in two sizes, Medium (max. length 104 cm / 41") and Large ( 145 cm / 57"). Can be freely adjusted to one third of the maximum length.

Genuine US surplus

Used and in serviceable condition.


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I would recommend for a friend

Leka myy Alice-vöitä hieman kovaan hintaan, eräs nimetön kilpailija myy näitä 3,99€ halvemmalla!
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I would recommend for a friend

Having used all three versions of the ALICE style belts, I am most fond of the LC2, it has a more robust buckle than the LC3, but easier to release one handed than the LC1. buying these broken in is the way to go, putting wire hanger stuff onto these when new is the worst, as they are stiff. I use my old LC2 to hold my tools, I only use the butt pack and suspenders on the belt and put commercial leather tool holders on the belt.
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Adrien D. 11.08.2019
Hey, would it accomodate the Särmä tactical jeans ? or is it too large
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