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US ALICE magazine pouch, surplus

US ALICE magazine pouch, surplus

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The classic ALICE magazine pouch for three 30-round M16 mags, adopted in 1973. Used.

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The classic ALICE magazine pouch for three 30-round M16 mags, adopted in 1973. Used.

The US ALICE load bearing system was designed around the end of the Vietnam war and was widely in use by the mid-70's. In its 40 years of existence it has become a very commonly used magazine pouch worldwide.

The pouch is a completely enclosing nylon "box" with plastic reinforcements to keep the front and back in shape. The closure buckle is large, easy to use and silent. On the inside you might find webbing dividers, but these are often removed.

On the backside you'll find two US keepers, which are removable belt loops made of steel. They can be used to attach the pouch to belts up to 55 mm (2.25") wide. Can also be attached to newer MOLLE-compatible webbing.

Alternatively to three M16 magazines, this will also hold FAL/G3/M14 magazines, or work as a small general purpose pouch, making it a pretty versatile item.

US Army surplus

In used but perfectly serviceable condition.


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I would recommend for a friend

03.12.2017 (Edited 23.05.2019)
Purchased two. One didn't have the dividers, but looks like it was made without them, not cut. Very sad. Still good.
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I would recommend for a friend

These are very nice mag pouches. One of the dividers was broken but that was fine. I'm only giving it three stars because it didn't have the clips but it still is a good product
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I would recommend for a friend

perfect for provisioning a long hike.
i’ll have my main meals accessible on my backpack and carry cigarettes, trail mix, gum & dog poo bags (empty) in one of these.
they also fit beer cans.
and you can hang fruit on the grenade loops.
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I would recommend for a friend

Ehjät ja käyttökelpoiset.
En huomannut mitään nauhoituksia sisällä, enkä usko niiden puuttumisen vaikuttavan sekunnin kymmennystäkään lippaan kaivelussa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Bought 2 of these for airsoft use as part of a complete ALICE set with belt and suspenders, also bought from here. Get some canteen pouches and this is the perfect modern, lightweight kit for when plate carriers are too heavy and too tacticool for you. One of them seems to be newer and made without the dividers, which is good. The dividers are kind of annoying because they make it a little harder to reinsert magazines but you can cut them off if you want.
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I would recommend for a friend

Erinomainen lipastasku. Käytän SKS kiväärin patruunakampojen säilyttämiseen, menee 5 täyttä patruunaakampaa heittämällä.
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I would recommend for a friend

These are a great way to carry some mags (though its not the cool high speed super fast emergency reload style, I guess you'll need to take cover for a reload like a total square) and if you don't have grenades to sling in the little baby carrier pouches, you can just cut off those snag hazards (freedom!). You can put two of these on the front of your belt and attach the load bearing shoulder straps to the eyelets for a more stable run and gun set up, just like attaching the rear of the suspenders to the top of the butt Pack. If yours ships without the ALICE clips, then make do with some lightweight 'polymer' alternatives (Zip ties).
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