US 1qt canteen, Olive Drab, surplus

4.99 EUR
US 1qt canteen, Olive Drab, surplus
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US ALICE canteen cover, surplus

US ALICE canteen cover, surplus

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70's modernization of a design from the year 1910. Battle-proven, these still see use.

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US 2qt canteen, surplus

US 2qt canteen, surplus

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Real deal US Army 2 quart (2 litres) canteens. A handy thing to haul that extra water around. Unlike the copies, these original bottles are soft so they can be crammed to a small space.

Issue US Army 1 quart water canteen. Probably one of the most ubiquitous water canteens out there. The same stuff has been issued since the M-1956 load bearing equipment came into use, and this is still going strong!


Review of the US 1qt canteen

This canteen, coupled with the US canteen cup, is a combo that I have fallen in love with during an autumn march. This "canteen and cup" combination is nothing new - it's been in use by soldiers for years - but with my recent test I myself understood just how useful this combination really is. Personally, I like to carry this combo in a pouch on my leg rig, along with an Esbit stove, fire-making tools, a spork, and a few food bars and instant soup pouches. With this setup you have everything you need to survive for a few days just in case, for example, your rucksack falls into some ravine, spontaneously explodes, or does something else not very beneficial to your situation. Cool stuff!

The canteen cup gives the added benefit of being able to heat stuff up when needed, which is extremely useful when in the wild. Also, the whole setup is quite compact and light, and you don't need to carry along any cookers or mess kits.


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- vuosia oli kotimainen 0,5l:n puteli, joka vuosi usein ja korkin hajottua hankin tämän
- kantsii kiertää korkki oikeille jengoille, niin ei mukana olevat kamat kastu, hyvä yleisesti ottaen
- pitäisi nyt kehua kotimaista, mutta tässä kestää korkki kiinnikkeessään paremmin (tärkeä juttu)
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