Therm-A-Rest RidgeRest Classic, Charcoal

Therm-A-Rest RidgeRest Classic, Charcoal

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A well made standard closed cell sleeping mat model from Therm-A-Rest.

As basic as they'll get, with a twist: the ridge design not only reduces weight and packing space, it also creates air pockets between the sleeper and the mat, and air is the best insulation.

Basic model: best suited for three-season use.

Dimensions and weight

  • Measurements, Regular: 183 x 51 cm (51 x 20 cm packed)
  • Measurements, Large: 196 x 63 cm (63 x 22 cm packed)
  • Thickness: 1,5 cm
  • Weight: 400 g (R) / 510 g (L)
  • Material; polyethylene
  • R-value: 2,5 (three-season pad)

Does the mat seem a bit short? Remember, you are probably using some sort of a pillow too. This pillow does not have to be on top of the sleeping mat.

Closed cell or air mattress?

Either of these is not better than the other, just better for you and the intended purpose. Here are key points to consider when choosing between an inflatable and closed-cell sleeping mat.

Closed cell

  • Absolutely reliable and care-free
  • Lightweight
  • Takes more packing space
  • Cheaper price

Air mattress

  • Packs very small
  • More comfortable
  • The same or usually better insulation-to-weight ratio
  • Possibility of punctures

If you're aiming at carrying light, sleeping tight and consider yourself careful, the air mattress is probably a better choice for you. If you're looking for indestructibility and it's OK to carry the mat outside the ruck and the packing space isn't an issue, the closed cell model should work just fine. Besides, you can use the mat as a sledge and it won't get destroyed.

Made by Therm-A-Rest

Therm-A-Rest is a well-established name among outdoor gear manufacturers. For example, the company can take a humble kip mat and think it over, blowing new life to the simple design. What's best, they make their stuff in USA or Ireland.

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Aah, vanha kunnon Thermarest. Suosikkini jo yli kymmenen vuoden ajalta. Muutama juttu kannattaa tietää:
+ Parasta tässä on se, että tämä pysyy nätisti suorassa maassa ja rullattuna paketissa. Muutenkin tosi mukava ja helppo käsitellä. Tämän ymmärtää kun on kokeillut.
+ Toinen paras on paino eli keveys.
+/- Pienempi malli on aika kapea. Kannattaa huomioida.
- Ei ole maailman pehmein eli kävyt ja metsän eläimet tuntuu läpi. Kannattaa potkia ne helvettiin ennen majoittumista.

Jotenkin tämä on vaan älyttömän kiva alusta.
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