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Terävä Skrama 240 Bare Tang, Carbon Steel

Terävä Skrama 240 Bare Tang, Carbon Steel

Price 53.99 USD excluding VAT

The Skrama 240 for DIY fanatics. This is just the full tang blade in carbon steel without the rubber grip, so you can make your own handle from whatever material you like. Comes with a plastic blade sheath.

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The Skrama 240 for DIY fanatics. This is just the full tang blade in carbon steel without the rubber grip, so you can make your own handle from whatever material you like. Comes with a plastic blade sheath.

No need to say more here, read the full Skrama 240 description here: Skrama 240 bush knife

Varusteleka Terävä

All Terävä knives are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland, by our partners at Laurin Metalli, Finlands leading knife blade manufacturer with roots going back to 1918. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftsmanship, pure and simple! And "Terävä", that's just Finnish for "sharp".


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I would recommend for a friend

11.01.2019 (Edited 23.05.2019)
I just got this product in the mail and I am going to put it to some use tomorrow with a friend. Upon inspection, it is exactly what they described, except, somehow, bigger than i imagined (which is good, in my opinion). I can't wait to make a grip for it!

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I would recommend for a friend

26.02.2019 (Edited 21.07.2019)
I would recommend for a friend

13.03.2020 (Edited 13.03.2020)
My first investment in a Verusteleka ("Where Is The Liquor?"), Terava Skrama - and it's a beast. This will become an heirloom, to be passed on to successive generations - and by buying the version without a standard rubber grip, future users can carve a wooden handle or carry on with a double-thickness Paracord handle, as I have done. The double edge bevel is different - and potentially useful for fine work or more brutal bashing with big sticks (sorry, that's supposed to be called "Batoning"...). As a general-purpose camp tool, there is nothing else quite like it - unless you like the larger (but thicker, heavier and clumsier), Ka-Bar family..? Invest in a tube of "Corrosion Block" waterproof grease to keep the carbon steel blade rust-free when stored in damp conditions - or in the sheath.
And, finishing off this ramble with said sheath, the plastic-lined leather sheath is a Must-have - though both this one and the leather sheath that I ordered with my Jaakaripuukko 140 have the same slight imperfection - both would benefit from a "Slide-On" leather pouch for a Fallkniven DC3 or DC4 sharpener - combined with an 8mm (internal diameter), sleeve for a "Light-My-Fire", heavy-duty ferrocerium Firesteel. Such a combination (or new sheaths with these features integral to their build), would give any outdoors person the best blade, in the best sheath, with the best Fire-starting kit and the best sharpener - all in one package.
Please don't thank me for the positive review guys - just send me a sample sheath for my Puukko 140 with integral pouch & Firesteel sleeve, when you have perfected the design...!
Note: If you buy one of these without the factory-fitted grip, it is a good idea to apply several layers of "Plasti-Dip" liquid rubber (available on Amazon & eBay, with waterproof grease too), then let each layer cure before beginning your handle wrapping. That way, you can use one or both hanks of paracord in an emergency, yet still have a (reasonably), comfortable gripping surface on the knife tang.
And if you're desperate to add a Firesteel sleeve and DC3 or DC4 pouch to the sheath, you can use a short length of PVC tubing, gorilla-glued to the sheath edge seam (GG remains slightly flexible when set), with the original Fallkniven leather pouch glued to the sheath front, parallel with the firesteel tubing. Next is the neat application of several turns of (narrow), black, Gorilla duct tape - before winding a neat layer of paracord over the top of the tape. Leave the DS3 or DS4 in its pouch when taping and binding, with the same for your firesteel - and don't bind the cord TOO tightly. The plastic inner sleeve in each sheath will stop any cordage compression on the knife blade, thus leaving you with a complete survival kit in one, neat unit.
(All the way from deepest Dorset, in England).
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I would recommend for a friend

An awesome cheap option for someone who is 14 dollars away from justifying the mighty Skrama to themselves and their friends, for a review on the knife itself, just look at the proper Skrama 240 store page, it's the same thing but with an actual grip. Anyone with a crafty spirit and about 20 feet of paracord 550 can make a really effective grip in just a few hours (it's a looong handle to braid, I recommend stopping about 1.5 inches from the end for aesthetics).
I did my grip in all black with an internal wrap made of gutted paracord, and an extremely easy "West Country Whipping Knot" on the outside, I decided to keep it simple since it's my first time,
I chose black instead of the generic OD green because I liked the look of the black rubber grip, and it somehow ended up looking like some sort of ninja choppa, it is also quite comfortable. Other good color matches may be earthy brown, light grey, blood red, purple, or your childhood favorite color.
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I would recommend for a friend

Yleensä taon veitset alusta asti, mutta halusin myös eräveitsen jonka lämpökäsittely olisi varmasti kohdallaan ja tässä se tosiaan on.

Tajusin tämän kun yritin porata ruotuun reikiä poskikahvojen koriteellisia niittejä varten. Jopa kaikista kovimmat cobolt kovametalli poranterät eivät pureneet siihen laisinkaan vaikka olin paikallishehkuttanut ruodun että se pehmentyisi. Lopulta sain reijät aikaiseksi hiomalla ne dremel laikalla ja viimeistelemällä reijät pylväsporakoneessa. (Silti erittäin hidasta)

Olen positiivisesti yllättynyt skraman laatuun. Tulee ehdottomasti käyttöön leirille. Terän tyvestä löytyvä vuoluterä on myös erittäin hyödyllinen. Tein skramalle kahvan katajasta kupari ja messinki niiteillä.
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