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Terävä Plastic Blade Cover
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.
For Skrama 80 / Jääkäripuukko 85
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.

Terävä Plastic Blade Cover

Price 2.99 - 14.99 USD excluding sales tax

A simple plastic blade cover for the Skrama and Jääkäripuukko models with a regular handle.

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Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.
Terävä Plastic Blade Cover.

A simple plastic blade cover for the Skrama and Jääkäripuukko models with a regular handle.

The blade covers fit the corresponding blade length. Bare Tang versions can be inserted but due to the lack of a rubber handle, the fit will be loose and the knife won't lock inside.

The blade cover with a belt clip is designed for up to 40 mm (~1.6") leather belts or thick canvas belts. The clip can be mounted without opening the belt and it can be configured for left or right hand carrying without tools. Made from strong steel wire.

Made in Finland.

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Varusteleka Terävä

All Terävä knives and leather sheaths are manufactured by Laurin Metalli, a family business and Finland's leading knife blade manufacturer from Kauhava with roots going back to 1918. The Boltaron sheaths are made by Savotta in Karstula, Finland. Founded in 1955, Savotta is known for its simplistic and extremely rugged, Nordic designs. The Kydex sheaths are made by C&G Holsters, USA. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftsmanship, pure and simple! And "Terävä", that's just Finnish for "sharp". For further reading check out the Varusteleka's Terävä page.

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Five stars
I would recommend for a friend

11.02.2022 Verified purchase
Loistava tuote DIY-henkisille immeisille, etenkin PLCE pistimen kannikkeen kanssa.
Itse sain tästä yhdistelmästä lähestulkoon täydellisen tupen ruotokahvaiselle Skrama 240:lle.
Kun lämmitin aukon puoleista päätä kuumailmapistoolilla, sain muovattua muovin siihen muotoon, että veitsi pysyy paikallaan myös ylösalaisin.
Suosittelen kuumentamaan muovia alkuun varovasti vähän kerrallaan ja siten, ettei veitsi ole ollenkaan muovilestan sisällä.
Siinä vaiheessa kun muovi on pehmennyt, ujuta veitsi varovasti sisälle ennen muovailuvaihetta.
Veitsi saattaa juuttua muovailuvaiheessa muovilestan sisälle, tällöin jouduin antamaan hieman lämpöä muoville.
Varokaa kuumentamasta itse veistä ja kahvaa, älkää polttako näppejänne, käyttäkää suojakäsineitä!

Edit: Näköjään isoille Skramoille näitä muovilestoja ei enää myydä erikseen. Jos olet hankkinut esim. ruotokahvallisen Skrama 240:n (jossa muovilesta tulee mukana) niin siitä on vielä mahdollista saada kelpo tuppi ruotokahvaiselle Skramalle. Kumikahvaiselle Skramalle ottaisin suoraan Terävä nahkatupen.
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Three stars
I would not recommend to a friend

24.05.2022 Verified purchase
I wanted to like this for its slim size and practicality but it just doesn't hold my Jääkäripuukko 85 very securely. My Skrama 80 fits just a bit tighter, but only barely. Both knives tug out with the slightest bit of force or shaking and I have a feeling I'm going to be nervously checking the sheath for a missing knife if I ever chose to wear this on a belt or tucked into a plate carrier. I'll see if a little bit of tape or some nail polish on the inside of the sheath can provide a better friction fit, but right now it kind of sucks. The plastic covers for the Skrama 200 and 240 are solid and almost too tight at times, with no fear of them ever coming loose, so I assumed these would be the same. Unfortunately not. If you just need something to keep over the blade inside of a pocket or a pack, it's fine for that. If you want to make use of the actually excellently designed belt clip, then you'll probably run into the same concerns.

I bought this until I could pick up the Skrama leather double-sheath to pair the Skrama 200 and Jääkäripuukko 85 together, but it appears this same sheath is what's used on that as well, and without a retention strap for the smaller blade, I now have reservations about how well the blade will stay put.
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Lenny R. 12.01.2024
Snap the belt loop onto the conveniently sized D ring on a 'Särmä TST Belt loop w/ D-ring' for a really effective, cheap, and interchangeable dangler option.
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