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Terävä Leather Sheath for Jääkäripuukko

Terävä Leather Sheath for Jääkäripuukko

Price 27.99 - 30.99 USD excluding VAT

Leather Jääkäripuukko sheaths, simple, functional and made in Finland just like the Jääkäripuukko itself.

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Leather Jääkäripuukko sheaths, simple, functional and made in Finland just like the Jääkäripuukko itself.

The sturdy dangler leather sheath is built with a roomy plastic liner, traditional Finnish sheath construction style. The liner is roomy enough for water and crud to run through it and out the hole at the end. Around the mouth of the sheath the leather is folded double forming a strong and stiff wide band, this band is closed tightly around the grip using a press stud. When you pull out the knife the edge runs nicely between the two leather sides, not cutting it up as is a common downside of the traditional "sock" style puukko sheaths. Even without closing the press stud the sheath retains enough tension to keep the puukko in place, so around camp you don´t need to be opening and closing the sheath all the time, just remember to snap it shut when you're on the move!

Do not force the knife out of the sheath without opening the press stud! Although this can be done it is not good for the press stud in the long run and may damage it. Just open the snap before pulling out the knife.

It's best to oil the snap fastener once in a while to prevent it from becoming stiff and nasty.

Varusteleka Terävä

All Terävä knives are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland, by our partners at Laurin Metalli, Finlands leading knife blade manufacturer with roots going back to 1918. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftsmanship, pure and simple! And "Terävä", that's just Finnish for "sharp".


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I would recommend for a friend

It is one of the best leather sheaths I have ever seen. And I noticed this sheath is a perfect match even for Mora bushcraft series knives. So if you don't like the plastic ones I suggest you switch to this sheath. A great aftermarket sheath choice.
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I would recommend for a friend

(110 carbon model with sheath)
Now this is a man's tool!
This thing is massively robust and when you first hold it, you feel like you could chop down a tree with it. Tried and true puukko blade with scandi grind, only beefier and FULL TANG. Full tang is good, because everything has to be as robust as it could conceivably be, 'cause i'm an autist. The mora companion doesn't deliver because it isn't full tang (I mean it's perfectly adequate for what it was designed, but it isn't full tang). Did I mention this is FULLTANG ®? Råbust, get knife.
It looks good, it performs great, cuts carboard like paper, and paper like air. It strikes the perfect balance between looking spartan enough to not feel bad to use it, and good enough to not look like some prison made shiv. It even smells good.
Sheath is full leather and pretty refined, can be set to normal retention (works pretty well) or you can close the snap button and then it won't budge.
Best knife for money out there by far, i'd say.
If you can't afford this and don't know how to make your own prison shiv, then get a mora companion. If you want to carve people and stab wood, get this.
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I would recommend for a friend

It is a great sheath. The only disappointing thing for me was that it's made of bonded leather.
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I would recommend for a friend

25.01.2018 (Edited 25.01.2018)
I would recommend for a friend

25.01.2018 (Edited 03.02.2018)
Over 40 knives and multi-tools in my collection. . .my partner forced an audit, darn it.

Well, how did I explain to her that this was the best of the lot by a long way and that there is considerable risk I might simply expire if I do not own at least 5?

She said that she only had one pair of shoes and one handbag. . .I prompty asked if she had the receipts as I needed another sheath.

Anyway, after I got up off the floor, I simply let her look (as touch was clearly out of the question), and that was it; job done.

So, for those wondering what a man's role is in today's age, here is the answer, just grab your club, your 3 110s and 2 140s (with sheaths of course) and head to the nearest rock cave, draw primitive cave drawings of said knives and start a whole new life.

Yes folks, they are that good.

As no-brainers go, this is the no-brainer of no-brainers.

Try saying that after a few pints down the cave. . .

Update. I gave in and bought her a pair of open-toe sandles (I still hold the receipt, you never know. . .) :-)

Mora Garberg fits in the sheath.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

16.07.2018 (Edited 16.07.2018)
Now this is quite the sheath!

My experience with the 110 model is as follows:

It's design seems to follow the same philosophy as the Jääkäripuukko itself: combining tradition with modern functionality.

The leather quality is top notch, and while the finish is imperfect, it is in a way appropriate for an item which is meant to be used for actual work, nothing here that could hinder functionality.

The plastic liner provides great internal rigidity and protects the leather from receiving cuts from the inside without compromising on traditional puukko sheath design.

Having a dangler is great for this size, and the grommet could be useful if you prefer to use this with a sling.

My advice to anybody who will actively carry this sheath is to grease it, apply some leather conditioner and cream polish (colorless) at least every six months to keep the leather water-proof and supple during use.

good veg tanned leather should arrive relatively dry, but if you take care of it properly it can last you a lifetime, even through constant hard use.

This has now become my new favorite sheath, my advice is to get one when they are in stock.
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I would recommend for a friend

This is just a great sheath. The genius is in the snap button. It works like the rubber retaining wheel in the sheath of a Peltonen Sissipuukko, holding the knife in solidly after the front finger guard has been pushed past the snap. This is less fiddly than the wheel in the Peltonen sheath. And the plastic insert protects the knife blade all around, not just on one side plus the cutting edge like in many classic puukko sheaths where the knife tip may push through the leather on the unprotected side. The whole thing is really sturdy. With the snap button closed I guess you could strap this knife upside down to the outside of a SpaceX booster rocket, fire it into near space and retrieve it after landing. That is how safe this sheath is once closed.
I use mine for crossdraw carrying, having folded the dangler down and strapped it tight to the sheath with a length of two-sided velcro tape to create a loop at the back. That is the only suggestion I would have: add a nice wide belt loop flat to the back of the sheath body so it can be carried high as well.
I also have the Peltonen Sissipuukko M07 with its leather sheath, which I like less than this sheath (the knife itself is fine). I found that with some mild adaptation (sanding down the front guard a bit) the Peltonen M07 can be made to fit pretty well into the Terävä 110 sheath, so anyone looking for an aftermarket sheath for a Peltonen knife may take a look at these.
If you buy a Terävä knife, do yourself a favour and get this sheath with it.
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