Terävä Jääkäripuukko leather sheath

29.99 EUR
Terävä Jääkäripuukko leather sheath
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Leather Jääkäripuukko sheaths, available both for the longer 140 and shorter 110. These are the same sheaths as sold with the puukko´s. We do our best to keep these in stock but the truth is that the demand is just crazy, so if you need one and see that these are in stock - don´t hesitate for a second, just buy, buy, buy! These sell out in a day or two.

The sturdy dangler leather sheath is builtwith a roomy plastic liner, traditional Finnish sheath construction style. The liner is roomy enough for water and crud to run through it and out the hole at the end. Around the mouth of the sheath the leather is folded double forming a strong and stiff wide band, this band is closed tightly around the grip using a press stud. When you pull out the knife the edge runs nicely between the two leather sides, not cutting it up as is a common downside of the traditional "sock" style puukko sheaths. Even without closing the press stud the sheath retains enough tension to keep the puukko in place, so around camp you don´t need to be opening and closing the sheath all the time, just remember to snap it shut when you're on the move!

Do not force the knife out of the sheath without opening the press stud! Although this can be done it is not good for the press stud in the long run and may damage it. Just open the snap before pulling out the knife.

It's best to oil the snap fastener once in a while to prevent it from becoming stiff and nasty.

Varusteleka Terävä

Terävä, which means sharp in Finnish, is our own brand of knives. All Terävä knives are high quality Finnish made pieces, designed and made in Finland.

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It is one of the best leather sheaths I have ever seen. And I noticed this sheath is a perfect match even for Mora bushcraft series knives. So if you don't like the plastic ones I suggest you switch to this sheath. A great aftermarket sheath choice.
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