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Terävä Jääkäripuukko 85, Carbon Steel

Terävä Jääkäripuukko 85, Carbon Steel

Price 38.99 - 67.99 USD excluding VAT

A very small and handy little knife with a drop point puukko style blade profile. Easy to carry and great for all those small tasks that you come across most often.

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A very small and handy little knife with a drop point puukko style blade profile. Easy to carry and great for all those small tasks that you come across most often.

Usually a very small bladed knife is just the tool you need for most tasks happening in the wild. For anything bigger just bring an axe or a larger chopping tool. Although the Jääkäripuukko 85 has its handle shortened too, it's size is still just the perfect fit for the human hand.

General features

  • Very small size, easy to carry and handle. Great companion for a large chopper or axe.
  • Jääkäripuukko-like drop point blade.
  • A notch at the root of the blade to ease sharpening over years of use and maintenance.
  • Spine ground and beveled to strike sparks from ferro rods.
  • Full tang with textured overmolded rubber grip.
  • Protruding bare tang head with lanyard hole.

Technical specs

Weight125 g4.41 oz
Length185 mm7.28"
Blade length85 mm3.35"
Blade thickness3.25 mm0.128"
Edge angle23°
Steel80CrV2, 59 HRC

The steel and heat treatment

80CrV2 carbon steel is used in all our carbon steel knives. The thing is that it´s nothing special really, just really good tool steel that can take basically any beating and offers great edge retention.

The heat treatment we use leaves the surface of the steel softer than the inside. This actually functions a lot like fancy differential heat treatments making these knives very tough. As the surface is softer, any microscopic fractures or unevennesses in the steel will not cause problems like they would if the steel was hardened all the way through. The end result is virtually zero problems caused by material defects!

The heat treatment and softer surface are also why we have added the bevels to the spine, a simple polished spine was not enough for use with ferro rods but with these little bevels that bare the inner, harder steel we get a spine that strikes ferro rods real well!

Varusteleka Terävä

All Terävä knives are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland, by our partners at Laurin Metalli, Finlands leading knife blade manufacturer with roots going back to 1918. A Terävä blade is Finnish craftsmanship, pure and simple! And "Terävä", that's just Finnish for "sharp".


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4.9 / 5
5 ratings
Suomi (1)
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I would recommend for a friend

This knife is made of high quality materials. It is good looking and very handy, sharpened professionally and finished preciously. I am satisfied with price/value very much. I have good impression about sheat as well.
I have to recommend to all of you!
21 4 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Awesome little knife
4 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

30.03.2020 (Edited 24.04.2020)
I have the 240,200,140,110,and now 85 and i just love them all, but this have been my new go to knife . A perfect size. And many times i have the 140 in the bag and the 85 on my belt.
Just a awesome little thing!.
0 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Great little knife, small enough to fit in your pocket but big and sturdy for most tasks. Fit and finish are great, even better than with more expensive knives such as mora garberg and such. Really sharp out of the box. And I am the kind of guy that usually finds small imperfections with new knives, but this one was great all around.
0 0 Report abuse
I would recommend for a friend

Handle is very comfy in my medium-large sized hands. Out of the box it is very sharp.
15 2 Report abuse


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