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Tallipoika leather grease, 500 ml

Tallipoika leather grease, 500 ml

Price 7.99 USD excluding VAT

A large half a litre bucket of leather grease, just as good as any fine brand, but without a fancy name and thus cheaper.

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A large half a litre bucket of leather grease, just as good as any fine brand, but without a fancy name and thus cheaper.

Attention: The extra photos show a pair of traditional Finnish Laplander boots being treated with a 50/50 mix of tar and grease, thus the dark colour. The grease itself is the yellow lump. Not recommended for anything with a membrane (e.g. Gore-Tex).

This clear grease is just the stuff for any colour of leatherwares, from black leather jackets to natural brown belts. Probably includes some beeswax too, giving the grease a nice scent and water repellency.

Instructions of use

  • Clean the surface to be treated.
  • Take a small amount of grease on either a little rag, brush or your fingers. It will get messy anyway, so the finger is probably the best alternative. Or two fingers.
  • Apply the grease in a circular motion.
  • Let soak in until the wet grease disappears from the surface. Repeat a few times if necessary. It's best to apply several thin layers than just a few thick ones.
  • Some time after the treatment, wipe the leather with a cotton rag. If you don't, there will remain a wax-like coat. It's not necessarily a bad thing depending on the use, and it can be scrubbed off later too, but it will not be as easy as moments after the treatment.

Please note that the colour of the leather to be treated will likely change a bit darker. You could try it out in an unnoticeable spot at first.

Special info for professionals

Mix with tar (50/50) to get a traditional, special Finnish ointment for waterproofing leather footwear meant for rough use. Not for kiddie boots with membranes!

Made by Valjaspuoti Oy.


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4.83 / 5
26 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

Hyvin hoitaa nahkatuotteet. Muovinen purkki otti itseensä ja meni hyvin pienestä kolhusta halki valuttaen lankki-laatikkoni pohjan täyteen vahaa.
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I would recommend for a friend

Vieläkin parempi tervan kanssa.
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I would recommend for a friend

I would recommend for a friend

Does its job extreamly well especially for its price. I would definitely recommend it.
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I would recommend for a friend

Unfortunately there hasn’t been too much rain or wet weather where I’m from (Nova Scotia), which is kind of odd. So I haven’t been able to test out how water proof this makes my boots. I mixed this with Tallipoika Natural tar (50/50 mix) because it’s the way the Finns do it (maybe?) and I have to say a little goes a long way! I did two pairs of boots with about a table spoon of each product per pair of boots. It has a strong smell of smokiness so if you don’t like that sort of smell then I recommend doing it outside. Also if you don’t mind having yellow/brown hands then I also recommend using gloves. It took about a week for it to come off. Overall I love this product because it brought life back to an old pair of boots and made them very supple.
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I would recommend for a friend

Smells mildly of beeswax, goes on like melted butter, soaks up like spaghetti sauce in your beard and softens your leather like a freshly shaven ...
Ehrm, get a bucket or two, it's cheap and great, you'll love it and use it for all kind of leathery stuff!
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I would recommend for a friend

This leather conditioner works extremely well. I used it on an old leather work belt and the the leather pack straps and fittings of an old canvas backpack. The leather was so dry it was almost grey. I have been applying the conditioner in light coatings and it has turned the leather into a rich dark brown.
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I would recommend for a friend

Just good mad proper grease, not much more to say about it reallly. Used it on all my leather items like belts, boots, knife sheaths etc. Works like magic to revitalize and moisturize old dried out leather.
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I would recommend for a friend

A very good buy. When I began to use it I recognised the smell as being about the same as Renapur -mostly natural beeswax which I used to treat a US Navy G1 flying jacket quite a few years ago to good effect - much dearer here in UK. Works in rapidly and easily with fingers. I was curious about the tar as well but think there would have been complaints.
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