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Swiss water sack, 20 l, surplus

Swiss water sack, 20 l, surplus

Price 19.99 USD excluding VAT

A sturdy rubber water sack with a volume of 20 litres. Swiss army surplus, these are very well made.

  • In stock 18 pcs. Sold 3 pcs in the last two weeks.
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A sturdy rubber water sack with a volume of 20 litres. Swiss army surplus, these are very well made.

Made just about as well as a sack of this type can be made, with a well thought-out push button valve and carrying straps, which might also be missing because army surplus. The grommets are there anyway, so...

Measurements about 60 x 45 cm. Weight about 1 kg.

Swiss army surplus

Used, but all looked completely intact from the vital parts. However we really can't take responsibility of the condition of the inside. They probably are nice and clean, but these probably do not have any CE approvals. This means we can't sell these as official drinking water containers.


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I would recommend for a friend

Solid construction, the neck of the bag has a fine mesh particulate filter and the two carry straps making carrying between two people easy. At my own risk I have decided to use it for drinking water etc when out camping for longer periods when my 10L dromedary bag isn't enough. I thought if it's good enough for the Swiss army it's good enough for me, I just made sure to flush out the bag several times and then sterilise as I would with my beer brewing kit.
Definitely better than collapsible plastic containers, just don't get if you dislike the smell of black rubber.
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I would recommend for a friend

Ideal for those longer stays in the wideness, strong well designed, I bought two, I was so impressed, empty they lay flat, Almost apart from the Cap, full they are 20Kg I would not want to march all day with one full in my pack but for a camp or HQ, or Stealth camper van they would be ideal, from the design, it appears they would also make an ideal solar shower, fill the bladder, leave i nthe sun for a couple of hours and Bingo , hot water on tap, Priceless.
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