Swiss super field jacket M70, Alpenflage, used

9.99 - 14.99 USD
Swiss super field jacket M70, Alpenflage, used
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The Swiss tend to make their gear with some pretty unique touches. This jacket is probably the best example of this trend - besides being a jacket, it acts as a combat load bearing system! To top it off, the camouflage is the legendary "Alpenflage".

Note: The belt shown in the pictures is not included.

Practical Swiss design

The jacket has a ridiculous amount of field-proven features.

  • Zipper & snap closure.
  • Large, adjustable hood with a camouflage/insect net. The hood can be buttoned out of the way if necessary.
  • Normal collar, can be folded up.
  • Elastic hem band, can be removed if required.
  • Reinforcements in the elbows.
  • Zippered cuffs to ease rolling up the sleeves.
  • Large belt loops and vents in the armpits.
  • In the chest a snap hook for hanging the helmet.
  • Metal attachment loops for the combat pack, inside two cloth straps that, when attached to the trousers, help balancing the load.


The pockets are numerous and large. This jacket makes small day-packs virtually useless!

  • Three magazine pouches in the front - two large ones and a smaller one.
  • The large pouches are divided into two compartments. According to our tests, the pouches will take the following magazines (total number in the brackets):
    • Stgw.57 (5)
    • SG550 (5)
    • 20- and 30-rnd. M16 magazines (8)
    • G3, FAL, M14 (5)
    • AK-74 (5)
    • AK-47 (2)
    • AUG (5)
  • Two large hem pockets on the front
  • Two large pockets and one huge pocket on the back.
  • Sleeve pocket on the left sleeve.
  • Inside a large hidden pocket ("poacher's pocket"), and a smaller zippered pocket.
  • All pockets/pouches close with heavy duty snap fasteners.

That's about it. If you don't like the camo, try dyeing it. Of course, we take no responsibilty for your escapades in this matter. However, we can say that the jacket is made mostly of cotton, which should take colour pretty well.


Sizes given in the normal euro system. No different lengths, and the sleeves run pretty short. If you are tall (over 180 cm), take one size bigger or roll up the sleeves.

Genuine Swiss army surplus

Used & serviceable. Going through these one by one would take a lifetime, so if you find some repairs or a sew loose seams, those won't count as defects.

Product reviews

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I would recommend for a friend
I am 5'10.5" and weigh 160lbs, bought the 52 and it fits perfect. Was worried about short sleaves but not an issue.
Mine came in good shape, minor repairs with some fading. The only bummer was that the camo face net had been torn out.
For the money though this is still an awesome deal.
As mentioned this is a heavy cotton jacket with that stored canvas smell.
Build and material quality is obviously tops. Even the snaps have brass rings in the female end.
I am especially impressed with how it carries weight. With all those pockets, I was imagining the coat being seriously awkward but its Swiss engineered, nothing else needed to say. I immediately loaded up the pockets with my Soloist mess kit, tarp/poncho, OR Basic bivy, Klymit sleep pad, light weight puffy jacket with plenty of room for more.
I like the high adjustable collar, coupled with the hood, the jacket provides great coverage to go in dense brush.
I plan on waxing with a bar of wax.
Bought another in hopes of scoring one with the face net and got lucky. This latest buy is much newer condition with zero fade, however, the sleeves are just a bit short as in fitted short whereas with outdoor gear I much prefer longish sleeves but again this is nitpicking ,its still a killer deal. Having 2 I compared this with the other that the sleeves weren't bad and noticed it had been repaired with new sleeves from the top of the elbow reinforcement down so this repair lengthened the sleeves.
Lol, did try waxing but forget it. Unless you want to spend many hours and have a very heavy jacket skip it. I have used nearly 2/3rds of a Otter wax bar and still haven't fully treated just the hood. The cotton on this is just too thick. I now know that this treatment is best for very tightly woven cotton poly blends like G1000. Oh well.
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