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Swiss service belt, leather, surplus

Swiss service belt, leather, surplus

Price 13.99 USD excluding VAT

A very high quality thick leather belt. These are old Swiss army combat belts used to carry kit and of course being Swiss are just a tad different than most similar belts.

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A very high quality thick leather belt. These are old Swiss army combat belts used to carry kit and of course being Swiss are just a tad different than most similar belts.

3 cm wide strip of very sturdy leather with an aluminium buckle designed in a way that it can't really break. Some belts have a little hook at the tip to keep stuff from falling out. The Swiss Twist* with these is the way the excess leather is handled when the belt is worn: it's just tucked under the buckle along the belt itself. This keeps the apperance neat without anything sticking out. After some practice it's a pretty straightforward process.

*They always have some special design gimmicks in their kit.

Size info

The sizes are the maximum length adjustments of the belts. So a 100 cm belt will fit 100 cm waist and smaller, no need to account for overlap.


Used, and in perfectly serviceable shape. The leather is still very supple, but we do suggest a gentle coat of grease or oil. We can't really see these wearing out in a lifetime so it's more like an investment.


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4.93 / 5
7 ratings
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I would recommend for a friend

24.02.2017 (Edited 23.05.2019)
Fantastic belt that will outlast me, especially since it is in great condition and 52 years old already.

No cracking, supple, and a nice dark brown colour.

Ekol Leather oil slightly darkens the leather, but not much. Already a lot darker on the inside of the belt.
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I would recommend for a friend

Great belts for a reasonable price.
I love the way the belt threads through the buckle.
Need some greasing but if properly moistened they are flexible and as though as they can possibly be.
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I would recommend for a friend

Varusteleka employee 19.07.2018 (Edited 23.05.2019)
Mä oon käyttänyt tämmöistä vyötä pitkään ennenkuin me saatiin tänne Lekaan niitä edes myyntiin. Lyhyesti: olen tykännyt. Käytössä tästä tulee vaan parempi. Kun oppii pihtiotteella vetäisemään soljen kohdalta vyön auki, niin käyttö on ihan mukavaa. Siistiä olemusta oppii arvostamaan, näissä ei mitään kulkureita tarvita pitämään vyön häntää ruodussa.

Sveitsiläinen käyttää tuotoksissaan paksua mutta notkeata nahkaa jota on suorastaan ilo räplätä. Fiilistä ei oikein pysty tuomaan tekstissä esille. Vyö on laatuisekseen käsittämättömän halpa, eikä näytä mitenkään ihan älyttömän sotahullulta, menee kivasti farkkujenkin kanssa. Ostaisin toisen jos tarvitsisin, mutta en näe että tämmöinen hajoaisi koskaan normaalikäytössä.

Päivitys: Ostin toisenkin. En tiedä miksi.
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I would recommend for a friend

19.01.2019 (Edited 24.04.2019)
Great belt! My belt has loads of patina but was well oiled and obviously loved. The quality of leather is outstanding. Goes great with anything. Mind you, if your like my French girlfriend who said it was "ugly" this is not a belt for you. And yes, you can pull your Volvo 240 wagon with it.
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I would recommend for a friend

17.06.2019 (Edited 17.06.2019)
A good belt. Been using mine for over a year. It was already very well broken in when I got it. Leather will need some attention, oil and/or grease.

The buckle works well, but has some minor downsides. No keeper means you'll want to tuck it to avoid looking sloppy. Some belts may have a tab that slides against the trouser fabric, this can catch on the buckle bar when you pull it out. Finger under buckle fixes that. This belt is neat, but it can be a bit fussy at times.
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I would recommend for a friend

Strong and thick leather, will probably survive past their homeland country. It's a thigh fit though, would recommend a size above yours just in case, especially if your weight tends to change easely
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I would recommend for a friend

As a somewhat younger person, I put some caution in describing a product using the words "this will outlast me". But in this case, I can say without reserve that, given the proper care, I won't need to buy another belt in my life. Except if I manage to outgrow it, of course.

I got interested in this Swiss army belt after a couple of expensive civilian leather ones got broken in different ways with normal use. Bought one last year, and a second one last month. The better looking one for urban life, the other for rougher country work. But both of them are in excellent condition, and I treated them with a leather conditioning product (in my case, a popular german brand called Collonil).

If you could own only one belt, it would have to be this one!
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