Swiss service belt, leather, surplus

13.99 USD
Swiss service belt, leather, surplus
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Ekol leather oil, 0,25l

Ekol leather oil, 0,25l

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Särmä leather belt loop

Särmä leather belt loop

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Old timey leather belt hangers for whatever little gear you need to carry on your belt. Finnish made from quality vegetable tanned leather, there's lots of love in these! An excellent choice for gentleman adventurers, or any traditional outdoorsman still stuck in the 19th century.

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Särmä Common Jeans, blue

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Särmä ladies common jeans, blue

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BW triangular scarf, black, surplus

BW triangular scarf, black, surplus

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A black triangular scarf made of thin cotton fabric, with a thin blue stripe running across. German navy issue.

A very high quality thick leather belt. These are old Swiss army combat belts used to carry kit and of course being Swiss are just a tad different than most similar belts.

3 cm wide strip of very sturdy leather with an aluminium buckle designed in a way that it can't really break. Some belts have a little hook at the tip to keep stuff from falling out. The Swiss Twist* with these is the way the excess leather is handled when the belt is worn: it's just tucked under the buckle along the belt itself. This keeps the apperance neat without anything sticking out. After some practice it's a pretty straightforward process.

*They always have some special design gimmicks in their kit.

Size info

The sizes are the maximum length adjustments of the belts. So a 100 cm belt will fit 100 cm waist and smaller, no need to account for overlap.


Used, and in perfectly serviceable shape. The leather is still very supple, but we do suggest a gentle coat of grease or oil. We can't really see these wearing out in a lifetime so it's more like an investment.

Product reviews

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Fantastic belt that will outlast me, especially since it is in great condition and 52 years old already.

No cracking, supple, and a nice dark brown colour.

Ekol Leather oil slightly darkens the leather, but not much. Already a lot darker on the inside of the belt.
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