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Swiss M84 canteen with metal cup, surplus

Swiss M84 canteen with metal cup, surplus

Price 9.99 USD excluding VAT

A Swiss army issue plastic water bottle and aluminum cup for a peanuts! This is a very good solid set for cheap.

  • Also available in our walk-in store. Sold 12 pcs in the last two weeks.
  • Restocks next week. Request restock notification and we will email you as soon as this product is available.
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A Swiss army issue plastic water bottle and aluminum cup for a peanuts! This is a very good solid set for cheap.

The bottle takes about 1 litre and the cup 0,5 l. Even if you normally use a hydration bladder, it's always wise to keep a basic water bottle stowed away somewhere. These are the kind that fit better inside rucksack side pockets and such than most other army issue bottles - outside measurements with the cup about 10 x 23,5 x 7 cm. Cup dimensions 10 x 9 x 7 cm.

Some bottles are compatible with the drinking tube of the Swiss SM90 gas mask for continued hydration during gas attacks. We won't differentiate.

Swiss army surplus

Used, and in good serviceable condition. Wash before use.


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I would recommend for a friend

07.09.2016 (Edited 23.05.2019)
kuppi itsessään on kätevä ja siihen voi värkätä kannen juomatölkin kyljestä, kupille pisteet , pullo ei ole ollut vielä käytössä.
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I would recommend for a friend

I received mine with the NBC cap. Be sure to clean the bottle thoroughly, there's some dirt deposit in the rubber seal. But hey, it's surplus and cheap so I don't mine. Now it's perfectly functional. I find the size of this canteen easier to fit with the rest of my gear, it's taller and straight, not fat and curvy so the weight distribution is a bit better on the move.

I have the same pouch like in the photo and it fit perfectly with this product. Mine got the esbit burner, fuel tabs, folding cup, lighter, scruffing pad and a spoon.
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I would recommend for a friend

Awesome bottle/cup combo, love the form compared to more traditional canteens.
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I would recommend for a friend

10.09.2017 (Edited 03.05.2019)
Just got mine today and I love it already. Be certain to clean thoroughly before use the first time to get that warehouse flavor out.
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I would recommend for a friend

Fits perfectly in the side pouches of the BW Mountain troops rucksack!
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I would recommend for a friend

13.11.2017 (Edited 13.11.2017)
Received an unissued bottle with the NBC cap stamped -92, and a used cup stamped -91. Even after dishing the bottle left a noticeable plastic flavor in the water after it was left filled for a couple of days, but after emptying and refilling for a week this undesired quality seems to have disappeared. 5/5 stars without the plastic taste! As stated above the kit fits perfectly in the BW gebirgsjäger rucksack side pockets.

PRO TIP: I removed the central plastic pin from the NBC cap by pulling it (from the outside) with needlenose pliers. With it removed I can have a drink by flipping the cover cap for the gas mask hose, no screwing of the threaded cap needed.
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I would recommend for a friend

kätevän kokoinen pullo ja muki sopivan vetävä. kaasunaamarilaukku+tämä+esbit+pari suklaa/energiapatukkaa+pussikeittoa=aika kätevä yhdistelmä jos vaikka rinkka lähtee jokeen, tippuu rinnettä alas, räjähtää spontaanisti tai tekee jotain muuta epäkäytännöllistä. Sillä selviää vähän aikaa.
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I would recommend for a friend

17.04.2018 (Edited 22.04.2018)
The canteen came in really good condition. The cup was almost spotless--looks brand new. The canteen is in good condition but has some serious funk on the inside. Nothing a vinegar bath won't cure in a few days.

Good little piece of gear for hiking--carries right around 28 or so oz. Perfect to use for your cooking water, but I would definitely take a bladder or nalgene along with it.

Update: Soaked the canteen in vinegar for two days, then emptied it out. Filled the bottle 1/5 full with uncooked rice, a little hot water, and shook like crazy. Canteen is now immaculate on the inside.
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I would recommend for a friend

Puteli on ollut käytössä useamman vuoden, ja pidän tästä huomattavasti enemmän kuin muista, koska kapea ja korkea pullo menee huomattavasti paremmin erilaisiin taskuihin kuin nuo klassisen muotoiset läpyskät.
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